$1000 Working Artist Grant

Art Purchase Award

Sculpture Call for Entries

Summary: The Working Artist Grant/Art Purchase Award is a meager one-time art award intended to disperse small but vitalizing bursts of funding to support an artist’s ongoing art making process.

Working Artist Org. is a privately run charitable organization, interested exclusively in the support and promotion of great art and artists.

Budget: $1000 award

Deadline: midnight of May 31, 2017

How to apply: Apply by email. There is no application form. There is a $25 review fee.

Eligibility Requirements: This award is available to all artists worldwide, working in all traditional and new visual arts mediums, including but not limited to: conceptual, installation, drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, glass, mixed media, new media, photography and video.

Special Notes:

If selected as our winner, we ask that the award recipient be willing to exchange one of their original works or smaller series of original works for inclusion in our collection, in return for our award. Work considered by the artist as of equal value, and available for acquisition can be negotiated upon receipt of the award. We do pay the artist’s shipping costs. Please send us your best work for review.

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