3 More Call for Artists Finish up July

Do any of these spark joy for you (a nod to Marie Kondo)? Check them out…and come back soon as we will be adding more opportunities for sculptors with August deadlines.

There are still a many active Call for Artists in our last post. Click here to see those calls and scroll towards the bottom (we do our best to put them in chronological order within each post.)

Memorial Ave. Bridge ARCHES Project

Roanoke, Virginia

Summary: The City of Roanoke is seeking artists to design and fabricate public art under the Memorial Ave Bridge in the City of Roanoke. There is no guarantee of any minimum amount of services that may be requested by the City, and no services may be requested, all in the sole discretion of the City.

Budget: $20,000

Deadline: 7/29/19

How to apply: apply via email. See link below for details.

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions noted

Special Notes: The City will review each proposal and may elect to issue separate awards to multiple Offerors for such goods/services. This project is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, which is being matched by the City of Roanoke for a total of $20,000. An individual project can be in the range of $500 to $20,000 and each artist or team may submit up to three proposals. One or several proposals may be accepted with the total of all projects not to exceed $20,000. Projects over $10,000 require a signed contract.

Click here to read more about this call for artists or to apply

Temporary Public Art for Frederick County Main Streets

Frederick County, Maryland

Summary: With support from the Tourism Council of Frederick County, (Visit Frederick), Frederick County’s (Maryland) five Main Street Programs are collaborating on a project to bring temporary public art to each of its five Main Streets. These communities are the following: Brunswick, Frederick, Middletown, New Market and Thurmont. The Frederick Main Street partners are seeking an Artist/Team to design, fabricate, and install temporary public artworks (to be installed for approximately one year) at each of the Frederick County Main Streets.

Budget: $38,750 (total)

Deadline: 7/31/2019

How to apply: by email (provided in the link below)

Eligibility Requirements: All professional Artists or Artist Teams living within 80 miles of Frederick County are welcome to apply

Special Notes: The Selection Committee is open to the following types of temporary public art installations. 1) Artworks created and owned by the Artist/Team that will be on temporary loan to each Main Street participant for the duration of the project installation period (one year). Once the year has been completed (and artwork removed), the artwork would revert back to the ownership of the Artist. 2) Site-specific temporary artworks that will be created for each individual site by the Artist/Team. Upon the completion of the one year installation, the Artist/Team must remove the artwork. The Main Street has the right to retain ownership of artwork if desired.

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Glendale Arts Open Arts & Music Festival Temporary Public Art

Glendale, California

Summary: Glendale Arts is seeking artists who demonstrate experience in the design and production of public art to be temporarily displayed for one day only at the Open Arts & Music Festival (OAM) on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in Glendale, CA.

Budget: $500

Deadline: July 31, 2019

How to apply: Google Docs

Eligibility Requirements: no further restrictions notes

Special Notes: Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary application. Submission of the proposal form does not guarantee inclusion in the Open Arts & Music Festival.