3 Sculpture RFQs in Utah

Budgets up to $126,000 for Utah Sculpture Projects

Respond to these Utah public art RFQs:

Salt Lake City Arts Council logo

Project: McClelland Trail RFQ

Summary: The Salt Lake Art Design Board seeks aesthetically imaginative, site-specific, appropriately scaled artwork that will have a positive impact on and relationship to the McClelland Trail. This could include way-finding elements, seating, embedded or integrated work in the hardscape/landscape or singular sculptural works. Artists/teams are encouraged to be creative in design, color and material usage. Artists/teams are also encouraged to consider community involvement to inform their final artwork.

Budget: $60,000

Deadline: 11/29/15

Eligibility Requirements: open to all professional artists or artist-led teams residing in Utah

Special Notes: Complete proposals and visual renderings are NOT required and will not be reviewed.

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Utah Division of Arts and Museums logo

Project: Utah Public Art- DHS Developmental Center

Summary: Sitting on 250 beautiful acres the campus is located at the mouth of American Fork Canyon along the foothills of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains in the city of American Fork. The Developmental Center was established in 1932 under the direction of then Governor Dern. Most of the original buildings have been replaced with more modern state of the art facilities.

Budget: $42,000

Deadline: 11/30/15

Eligibility Requirements: none listed

Special Notes:  This building will assist the Center in providing more efficient admissions and additional housing for clients.  Any work that is proposed for this new facility will need to take into account the sensitivity, vulnerability and occasionally aggressive or violent conditions these tenants may be facing. The work will need to be as indestructible as possible or out of reach and/or perhaps utilitarian in nature as well as artistic.  It is hoped the selected artist will honor the interest of the clients, the employees, the architecture and the site in the development of the work.

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Snow College logo

Project: Utah Public Art Snow College Science Building

Summary: The Committee wants the artist’s contribution to integrate with the theme of a living building to the extent that it promotes active science.  The building itself will serve as the edifice that promotes discovery in central Utah.  It is hoped the art, in whatever form it takes, will help inspire kids of all ages to become interested in pursuing science as a life-long journey.  Ideally, the art will stir the soul, encourage one to contemplate, encourage engagement with other media and displays, and leave a person with a sense of awe.

In short, the Committee is searching for an artist that will help the Committee and the College create something for this facility that might inspire the next generation.  It is desired the art commission will encourage individuals to engage directly and tangibly with it.  In essence, one could feel a part of the exhibits or part of the inspiration.  The goal is simply leave visitors with a sense of awe.

Budget: $126,000

Deadline: 12/7/15

Special Notes: The Committee is looking for an artist to be a member of the design team to work collaboratively to create an art installation that incorporates into the building design

Eligibility Requirements: none listed

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