4 Sculpture Opportunities Nov 17-21 Deadlines

Waterview Art in Private Development Project

Scottsdale, AZ

Summary: Scottsdale Public Art is accepting qualifications from artists for a public art opportunity along the Arizona Canal as part of the construction of a new hotel and residential development in the heart of Scottsdale.

The selected artist will create a design for artistic enhancements of amenities including a multi-use path, pedestrian bridge spanning the canal, seating nodes, shade structures, lighting, as well as stand-alone enhancements. Coordination will be required with the developer’s landscape architect for planting design in tandem with the art components described. Artists who have experience designing and completing projects with a similar budget and scope are encouraged to apply.

Budget: $2,000,000

Deadline: 11/17/17

How to apply: via CaFE.org

Eligibility Requirements: All artists residing nationally or internationally are eligible to apply.

Special Notes: The artist selection panel will evaluate artist qualifications based on five criteria: the applicant’s professional qualifications; proven ability to complete projects of a similar scope; artistic merit as evidenced by the submitted materials; and demonstrated ability to work with government agencies and stakeholders in the creation of a permanent public art project.

Up to three finalists will be selected to conduct a site visit, develop a proposal, and return for interviews. Finalists will be paid a $3,500 honorarium, plus travel costs.

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Biomedical Sciences & Engineering Education Facility

University System of Maryland


Overarching themes in the artwork should encompass the mission of USG and BSE STEMM fields as well as the sustainability mission of this LEED Gold building. The artwork should visually link inside and outside and connect to the larger campus and USG community. While reflecting scientific curiosity, collaboration, and inquiry, the artwork must also evoke excellence in scientific advancement.

The artwork should be located on the first level within the loose limits of the east and west exterior entry spaces as well as including the interior connecting central hallway as depicted on the Addendum plans. Options may include creating an experiential journey for the viewer from both entries and along the hallway path or a moment or series of moments within one or two of these areas. A water feature in the eastern courtyard, if that site was proposed, could be considered as well. First floor uses include classrooms and commons spaces where people circulate, meet, study, and continue their learning.

Budget: $560,000

Deadline: 11/17/17

How to apply: via CaFE.org

Eligibility Requirements: All professional artists or artist teams residing in the United States may apply.

The artist must meet at least two of the following criteria to be considered for this commission:

-The artist has completed public art commissions with budgets of at least $175,000

-The artist has received awards, grants or fellowships

-The artist has had work exhibited in museums and/or galleries

Special Notes: In 2005, the Maryland Public Art Initiative was established. During the Fiscal Year 2014 Legislative session, the initiative was revised to include a new funding mechanism. The program is intended to create a permanent public art collection owned and accessible to the citizens of Maryland. The artworks will be sited at State agencies and Universities and include both interior and exterior works that uphold standards of excellence in art and design.

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Spenard Road Public Art

Municipality of Anchorage Public Art Program, AK


Project Information
Project construction began in summer 2017 and is planned to be completed by Fall 2017.  The landscaping of the project will take place in summer of 2018.  The installation of artwork will be negotiated with the project team and is intended to take place during summer of 2018 to coincide with the finalization of the landscape.

Site Description
The art selection jury intends to commission two, or multiple art installations totaling $85,000 to be permanently installed at various locations along Spenard Road in Anchorage, Alaska 99503.

Budget:  $85,000 (total, 2 or multiple locations)

Deadline: 11/19/17

How to apply: via CaFE.org

Eligibility Requirements: Alaska ONLY

Special Notes: There are 2 approaches to this call for art.  Approach 1 is for two interventions, one at the Photo Avenue location ($55,000), and the other is at the Bsoco’s location ($30,000) totaling $85,000.   Approach 2 is for one progressive art installation at various locations identified along Spenard Road, for $85,000. Please see the location information below and attached graphics for more information.

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Alberta Street Historical Markers Project

Portland, OR

Summary: Through this RFQ, AMS seeks to commission an artist or artist-led team to develop permanent public artwork in the form of historical and cultural markers (Markers) that honor and document the history of the African American community on Alberta Street and are inspired by stories collected from past and present African American community members.

Budget: $30,000

Deadline: 11/21/17, 3pm Pacific Time

How to apply: online using their RFQ submission form

Eligibility Requirements: This call is open to professional artists residing and eligible to work in the United States, and/or teams led by such artists. Preference will be given to Portland metro area based artists, particularly those with demonstrable deep connections to Alberta Street or lived experience as part of the African American community affected by change on Alberta Street. Artists without the means of fabrication and installation should not be deterred from submitting qualifications, as AMS will work with them to find partners to build their capacity.

Special Notes: Design Proposal Honorarium: Selected finalists will receive a maximum of $500 for design fees following the submission and presentation of a Design Proposal.

Artwork Goals
• Honor and commemorate the history of the African American community on Alberta Street
• Ensure authentic community involvement in creating a shared public space by engaging community members to highlight the unique history and character of our neighborhood
• Raise community awareness about African American history on Alberta Street

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