$415,000 Budget for Sculpture RFQ in Tucson

Nakoma – A Posada Life Community Seeking 6 Sculptures

Nakoma Sky retirement community sculpture RFQ

Summary: Six different art opportunities are being offered: three interior and three exterior. La Posada is in the planning and preliminary design stages of an innovative senior community on 80 acres in Oro Valley, Arizona.

The exterior artwork for the entries and public park could take the form of free-standing sculptures, landform artworks, interactive/sound, and/or ground plane features.

The residents of Nakoma Sky will represent a diverse set of seniors from a variety of backgrounds who will appreciate a diverse array of aesthetics and styles. The artwork should appeal to this variety of individuals who are choosing to make the attractive, welcoming, and supportive Nakoma Sky campus their home.


Entry Gates (2) (Metal)-$75,000
Sculpture at Portico of Lobby, Restaurant, and Lounge-$100,000
Sculpture in Community Park (Durable Materials)-$50,000


Tile Mural (porcelain, ceramic and/or other)-$125,000
Vertical Floor to Ceiling Sculpture/Wall Divider (Metal)-$25,000
Wall Mounted Sculpture (Materials to be determined)-$35,000

Budget: Total budget is $415,000. Each project’s budget varies (see above)

Deadline: Thursday, May 26, 2016 Midnight, Mountain Standard Time

How to apply: Via their online application form

Eligibility Requirements: All interested artists are invited to apply.

Special Notes: When applying to this RFQ applicants must indicate the Artwork Opportunity or Opportunities for which they are applying on the Application Form.

Qualities demonstrated by previous artworks from applicants that will guide the initial applicant review, final artist selection, and subsequent design process include:

Repeat viewings
Life affirming
Compatibility/contrast with desert environment

Click here to read more about the sculpture RFQs , including the various requirements for each project, to see the site plan