Agriculture Provides the Dirt and the Inspiration

Agricultural Inspiration for Ceramic Sculptor

Even though this article is a few years old, we love to present a wide range of sculpture styles and media on this site.

So you can imagine how excited we were to see this article on David Hicks as an “emerging artist” back in 2010 and how he has been inspired by agricultural elements.

David Hicks  Visalia, California david hicks

I am still digging in the dirt to understand my attraction to the agricultural. Shapes and themes I reference can be found in the fields surrounding my home.

They speak to me about myself and they explain the natural processes of the agricultural cycle and its organic wonderment. Agriculture tells me of my own human experience…that starts with fertilization, moves through growth and finally ends in decay.

These basic elements are rooted in my sculptural processes. They are the fundamentals that continue to present themselves in my studio, providing a physical residue of my thought.

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David is still creating wonderful assemblages that use natural forms for their inspiration. See his newer works.

Thanks to Ceramic Arts Daily and to David Hicks. The photo is of David’s piece “Still Life (metallic splash)”, 10 ft. 8 in. (3.25 m) in length, handbuilt and extruded terra cotta with glaze, fired to cone 04 in oxidation, with steel cable, steel, 2009.