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Now through March 6, 2016, you can experience a bit of stone sculpting history in Loveland, Colorado.

The Loveland Museum/Gallery has opened an exhibit, “Alabaster Industry in Colorado.”

As part of the opening for exhibition, local sculptor Laurie White gave an alabaster carving demonstration. She showed how to test a stone to be sure it doesn’t have a fracture that would ruin the carving.

“When you hit it (with a flat hammer), it should ring.”

Alabaster and carvers are quite common in this part of the country. The pieces on display, created from 1933-1970, are from Colorado and Wyoming. Beautiful white and pink stone are found in quarries near Table Mountain in Larimer County. Artists created many alabaster sculptures which were often sold to tourists visiting the Rocky Mountain region.

Original article by Jessica Benes, Loveland Reporter-Herald

Photo credit: Aaron R. Atencio / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

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