Artist Freezes Next to Painting

Icicles Hang from Artist During Installation

Laurent Pernot,Self Portrait Face to a Winter Canvas

Let’s just say this young artist from Paris is willing to go to extremes for his art. Standing before a painting with snow on his coat and hat, icicles forming on his clothes and body.

Or is he?

It turns out this is a sculpture–a life-sized self-portrait, not the artist himself turned into a popsicle. The icicles and snow, both on his person and the painting he is in front of, are all part of the illusion.

Laurent Pernot,Self Portrait Face to a Winter Canvas

Other may view the work in a gallery–comfortably warm, although they may still feel a bit of a chill at the wintry sight.

One of the themes in Pernot’s work is the side-by-side existence of fantasy and reality.

According to his website: “his creations recurrently revolve around the notions of the visible and invisible, time and the confusions of memory,”

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