August Call for Artists that have Crossed our Desk

Public Art RFPs and Other Call for Artists Opportunities

As we write this post for August calls, we are aware there are no fewer than 4 commission opportunities that close on July 31–so check this link out first and scroll to the bottom (we list the call for artists chronologically) to check those out.

And be sure to read the 8 calls below with deadlines as soon as August 1st, running through the middle of August.

Come back soon, as more August deadlines have reached us, and we will be posting them soon–we just wanted to get these out for your as soon as possible.

Happy Sculpting!

MLK & Dixie Highway Sculpture

Pompano Beach, Florida

Summary: The City of Pompano Beach is looking to purchase an already fabricated, pre-existing sculpture for their permanent collection. Artist is responsible of delivery and installation of sculpture. Be aware of the artworks location and keep in mind its sense of place. The artwork will be located in the Innovation District and should reflect as such

Budget: $25,000.00

Deadline: August 1, 2018

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: This Call to Artists is open to all professional artists nationwide.

Special Notes: The artwork should be significant in size. Artists must submit a pre-existing artwork for purchase. The City of Pompano Beach will only purchase unique works of art.

The artwork should be durable and require minimal ongoing maintenance. South Florida has a sub-tropical climate and is hot and humid with an intense sun and seasonal heavy rain. Problems with rust and fading should be avoided. Resistance to high-speed winds is important. The artwork must be self-supporting on an open landscape or hardscape.

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Codman Square Park Integral Public Art RFQ

Boston, MA

Summary:  The Codman Square Neighborhood Council (CSNC) and the Friends of Codman Square Park are spearheading a community-driven redesign of the Codman Square Park in the Codman Square neighborhood of Dorchester, a historic district in the City of Boston, Massachusetts.

An artist/designer will be selected to design integral public art for the park in collaboration with the landscape architect chosen for the redesign of the entire greenspace.

At this stage, the vision for the public art portion of the project is broad and may encompass one focal public art element or a series of components. Overall, this creative placemaking initiative will result in an improved landscape design concept that integrates public art.

Budget: $300,000

Deadline: August 1, 2018

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: Preference will be given to local and regional applications. Applicants are expected to have completed prior outdoor art projects or temporary installations. Artists and designers of diverse backgrounds with knowledge of African-American culture and history are also encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: Download the complete RFQ including site photos, an overview of park programs and a bibliography on the Codman Square Park webpage.

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McKinney Mitchell Park Sculpture

McKinney, Texas

Summary: The City of McKinney, Texas is seeking submissions from Galleries, Artists and Artist-teams for a work of art to be installed in the Dr. Glenn Mitchell Park.

Submissions can be site-specific commissions or existing works that meet the project description and criteria. The selected Gallery, Artist, or Artist-team will work closely with Russell Tether Fine Arts Associates, LLC, the McKinney Public Art Committee and the City of McKinney from submission through installation, to dedication

Budget: $40,000

Deadline: 8/3/18, 5pm Central Time

How to apply: mail or email (allow time for mailing as postmark does not qualify as meeting deadline)

Eligibility Requirements: All artist are eligible to apply

Special Notes: Art Goal: Create an artistic installation that identifies the unique characteristics of McKinney, is appreciated and embraced by generations of citizens and visitors alike, and through this appreciation, becomes a lasting landmark defining the City of McKinney.

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Glass Frit Design Sought for Minneapolis Public Service Building

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Summary: The City of Minneapolis invites experienced artists to apply to design patterning for portions of the bird-safe glass frit for the New Public Service Building. Artists will NOT be responsible for the cost of installation: the fee is for DESIGN ONLY. This is the second of multiple calls for artists for the New Public Service Building. Future calls could include narrative murals, luminous ceilings, drinking fountains, a handrail and media works.

The intent of this commission is to create a large-scale integrated artwork that becomes part of the architectural iconography of the New Public Service Building design and that reflects the city and this new building as a shared public space. The selected artist will design an appropriate work for the building and work with city staff and design team to refine the design as necessary, obtain approvals and create documents for the fabricator

Budget: $30,000 (design fee only; no fabrication responsibility)

Deadline: 8/3/18

How to apply: online via

Be sure to click the link below for additional information including required forms.

Eligibility Requirements: U.S. professional artists

Special Notes:

The final design should:

• Be a sophisticated, timeliness and appropriate design for this important civic building.
• Be an abstract geometric pattern.
• Use a white frit.
• Complement the architectural language of the exterior and interior of the building.
• Fluidly integrate with the architectural frit of the rest of the building.
• Consider the effects and composition of the frit as it is read from a distance on exterior, as well as up close as it creates a play of light and shadow on the interior spaces of the building.
• Be successful as the light changes throughout the day.
• Meet stated criteria in terms of transparency and percentage of area covered by the pattern.

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Dixie State University – Utah Public Art Program

St. George, Utah

Summary: Letters of interest and qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating site specific art for the public area(s) of the new Dixie State University Human Performance Center in St. George, Utah. The new Dixie State University Human Performance Center is an innovative combination of three major campus functions: academics, recreation and athletics.

Budget: $204,000

Deadline: August 3, 2018, 5pm Mountain Time

How to apply: CaFÉ™ 

Eligibility Requirements: Resident American or legal resident artists / artist teams are eligible for this commission. Utah artists are encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: insert

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2019-2020 Art for Awhile Sculpture Program

Broomfield, Colorado

Summary: Up to nine pieces will be selected for installation at three landmark locations throughout the community. Maximum weight must not exceed 1,000 pounds.

Budget: Artist honorarium is $2,500; Three $1,000 cash awards will be given to the artists voted by the Broomfield community to be Broomfield’s Choice, Youth Award, and Media’s Choice. Each sculpture can only win one $1,000 prize.

Deadline: The timeline for the call has been extended. The new deadline is midnight August 4 2018 (mountain time)

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions provided

Special Notes: All sculptures submitted for consideration must be available for delivery by March 1, 2019 and remain on display until March 1, 2020.

20% commission on sculpture sales goes to the public art program. Although the purchase of an art on loan sculpture is not guaranteed, the Public Art Committee is committed to expanding the permanent collection. The Art for Awhile program is used as a resource for potential purchases. Eleven sculptures from the art on loan program have been purchased to date.

Sculptures must be sized to allow for installation and proper proportion on the existing pad and pedestals. See the Detailed Site Description for the measurements. Sculptures that do not fit the pads will not be included in the jury selection.

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Public Art on Clayton Street

Athens, Georgia

Summary: The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission (ACAC) invites professional artists to submit a resume and portfolio to be considered for the position of public artist for TSPLOST Project #9 Downtown Transportation Improvements Program for Clayton Street. The selected artist will facilitate the development of a comprehensive and coordinated public art plan for the Project and carry out implementation of public artwork(s) in accordance with the plan.

At this point, artists should submit qualifications only, not a design proposal. Once an artist is selected, he/she will propose work for the site.

Budget: $51,350

Deadline: 8/12/18, 11:59pm

How to apply: online at their site

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to professional artists (or team) 18 years and older, who are legal residents of and reside in the United States.

Special Notes: All proposals must be submitted to Athens-Clarke County’s online system of calls for entry, care of the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission. Instructions will be posted online at:

The selected artist(s) should be prepared to engage with the community in the building and at large

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RI State Council on the Arts Attorney General

Cranston, Rhode Island

Summary: Council On the Arts, (RISCA), through Rhode Island’s Public Art Law, which mandates that 1% of all state capital construction and renovation funds be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of public art.  Through this program the State recognizes that “public art creates a more humane environment: one of distinction, enjoyment, and pride for all citizens.”

Budget: $225,000

Deadline: 8/13/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: There are 2 potential sites for public art, though others may be possible. Artists who are selected as finalists may propose for one, for both or for another site

This Request for Qualifications is the first step in the Office of the Attorney General public art selection process.  YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO SUBMIT A SPECIFIC PROPOSAL. This is a Request For Qualifications, (RFQ), not a Request For Proposals, (RFP)

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This summer we have seen a thrilling abundance of Call for Artists / RFQs / RFPs. As we move into the final days of summer, the trend continues. While we strive to provide an on-going list of sculpture opportunities, there are many towns who issue their calls more quietly, whether by design or unknowingly. Therefore we encourage sculptors looking for commission opportunities, whether for Public Art or private collections to keep their eyes and ears open! At the same time, we welcome notices from organizations issuing calls, and we will endeavor to add posts as needed.