Bronze Sculpture Memorializes Racehorse and Owner

Dan Patch was a Racehorse

MW Savage and Dan Patch

That’s putting it mildly! This horse became so famous a railroad line was named for him.

Now a bronze sculpture by equine sculptor Alexa King is in the works. It is to be unveiled on June 24 at Dan Patch Days in the town of Savage, Indiana.

Her sculpture will also feature Dan Patch’s last owner, Marion W. Savage. He was the master mind marketer who made the racer’s name so familiar to those in rural Indiana.

The two were very close. Both became ill at the same time, and died less than 2 days apart from one another.

The famed horse made his last racing appearance on November 25, 1909, at New Orleans. He died July 11, 1916, 20 years old, and with a heart that weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces, as compared with the normal heart of five pounds. Dan had taken sick on July 4th, as had his master, M.W. Savage. Upon being informed of his favorite horse’s illness Mr. Savage’s own condition worsened and he died just 32 hours after his favorite stallion.

Dan Patch sculpture sketch by Alexa King

The artist starts with a sketch, after doing much research about her subject. From their, she creates a clay model.

While the sculpture is originally created in her home studio, the artist employs the talented foundry workers in Loveland, Colorado to create the molds and bring the clay model to life utilizing the lost wax process

Dan Patch clay model by Alexa King



Quote and photo of Dan Patch and Marion W. Savage courtesy of

Sculpture model and sketch by equine sculptor Alexa King

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