Brussels Terrorist Attack Memorial Sculpture Installed

Belgian Sculptor’s Work Dedicated to Victims of Last Year’s Attack

Compere with sculpture in his studio in Florenville, Belgium

Jean-Henri Compere is an actor and sculptor, born in Belgium in 1960. He has created a work in waked of the Brussels terrorist attack last year, to honor the victims and the city that still rises with hope.

The installation date is set for March 22, 2017, one year to the day after 3 Islamic State suicide bombers wreaked havoc on the European nation.

The sculpture is titled “Wounded But Still Standing in Front of the Inconceivable.” The work is comprised of 2 steel slabs that rise to the sky. Each slab measures 66 feet.

“Well, it means we’ve been wounded down to the ground, but we have to stand up and say ‘no’ to those acts that are not believable, that are not bearable,” Compere told Reuters at the memorial site.

“It’s a piece that should stay in the city,” he said. “I want that the sculpture lives with the city, that it takes on its sheen, that it gets through the years, because time helps us build ourselves back up.”

Compare sculpture installation in Brussels

32 people were killed in the coordinated attacks in Brussels. Compere also wants his sculpture to honor the victims of other mass attacks across Europe and Africa over the last 2 years.

Brussels Attacks Sculpture detail



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Photo credits: AP/Virginia Mayo

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