Bushido and Geisha Sculpture Series by Tym Davis

Clay and Wire Sculpture Series Inspired by Samurai

Tym Davis Sculpture Series: Tranquility

From Sculptor Tym Davis:

I have been drawing and making things as long as he can remember.  Fifteen years ago, I discovered that I had become a sculptor. After experimenting with many different materials, processes and themes, I kept coming back to clay and wire as my primary media.

As for the subject matter, I have an abundance of inspiration—stacks and stacks of sketchbooks give testament to that. And it is a joy when inspiration strikes so strongly that it leads to more than a dozen works in a cohesive theme. The Seven Virtues of Bushido was just that inspiration.

Tym Davis Sculpture Series: Patience

Latest Tym Davis Sculpture Series

My current series “Bushido and Geisha” is an expression of my love of those two materials. Each piece represents a different aspect or quality, inspired by the Seven Virtues of Bushido (the code that the Japanese Samurai lived by). At the outset of the project, my research led me to a deeper understanding and appreciation for feudal Japanese culture and the way of the Samurai. I wanted my sculptures to ultimately express each of the Seven Virtues (Integrity, Respect, Heroic Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty & Sincerity, Duty & Loyalty) through pose and gesture of clay figures and wire creatures, specifically dragons.

By using the female form, I have created an amalgam of the delicacy & grace of the Geisha with the strength & discipline of the Samurai. This blending allowed me to explore a wider variety of symbolic qualities and traits.

Tym Davis Sculpture Series: Makoto

Each piece was carefully planned but allowed to develop as the material and process dictated. The final result captures the essence of what I initially envisioned and I believe is a successful melding of process and materials with pleasing visual imagery and a meaningful theme

Tym Davis Sculpture Series: Jin

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts and my Master of Education from the University of Montevallo in Alabama. My work has been displayed in several cities in Alabama, including Guntersville, Huntsville and Birmingham. I am especially proud of an installation of wire sculptures hosted by the Birmingham Museum of Art. I currently teach studio art classes at Thompson High School in Alabaster, Alabama as well as children, teen and adult classes at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

My website is www.arsdracona.com and my FB page is www.facebook.com/arsdracona

All images are copyright Tym Davis

Pieces shown from the  Tym Davis sculpture series “Bushido and Geisha” : Tranquility, Makoto, Patience, Jim (Compassion)