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September Call for Artists, RFQs etc

As of this writing there are still 9 Call for Artists with August deadlines in our last post. Click here to see those calls and scroll to the bottom (we do our best to put them in chronological order within each post.)

Below you will find 15 calls with deadlines from Sept 3-14th that provide a variety of opportunities for sculptors across the country. NOTE: several are to be mailed in, so ACT NOW!

Indiana State University College of Health and Human Services

Terre Haute, Indiana

Summary: Indiana State University is circulating a Request for Qualifications for a site-specific project for the College of Health and Human Services. Possible locations for a sculpture have been identified inside the building and outside of the west entrance. The College of Health and Human Services is located at the corner of Chestnut and 4th Street in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Budget: $75,000

Deadline: 9/3/18, 4:30pm Central Time

How to apply: by mail, please see RFQ for details

Eligibility Requirements:  This opportunity is open to practicing professional artists over 18 years of age working with durable materials.

Special Notes: Please state in your letter of interest whether it would be possible for you to complete a sculpture September, 2019 if you are notified by January, 2019.

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Town Square INTERACTIVE PLAZA Public Art Project

Boynton Beach, Florida

Summary: Seeking Sculptors for this opportunity to create and implement an interactive public art plaza project for the City of Boynton Beach’s new Town Square that:

  • Stimulates social interaction through movement
  • Evokes the senses; sight, sound and touch
  • Inspires creativity, exploration and engagement
  • Provides a public space where all ages, abilities and demographics can meet and engage

Budget: $97,000

Deadline: 9/4/18, 3pm

How to apply: by mail, see RFQ For details

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all professional artists and artists-led teams living in the United States


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Cohen Neighborhood Water Park

El Paso, Texas

Summary: The City of El Paso Public Art Program of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department seeks to commission a professional artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install site-specific artwork or artworks at the Cohen Neighborhood Water Park at 9700 Gateway North Blvd. in El Paso, TX.

Budget: $140,000

Deadline: 9/6/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions noted

Special Notes: This public art project will commission an artist(s) to design and develop an interactive/functional public art piece within the Cohen Neighborhood Water Park. The project will provide the opportunity for the artist to fully engage with the community in developing the concept and design of the artwork.

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Sculpture in the Parks 2018-2019

Chicago, Illinois

Summary: Chicago Sculpture International, in collaboration with the Chicago Park District, is seeking proposals from artists for the 2018-2019 Sculpture in the Parks Exhibition.

Works must be large scale and suitable for outdoors. They will be placed near cultural centers (fieldhouses) within the parks, as determined by the Chicago Park District. They will be installed on hardscape or softscape (grass), so artists must be prepared for either type of installation. There are no concrete pads for sculptures. Sculptures will be on view for one year, from November 2018 to November 2019 (exact dates to be determined).

Budget: $2,000

Deadline: 9/7/18

How to apply: by email

Eligibility Requirements: This RFP is open to professional artists or artist teams 18 years of age or older. Artists whose proposals are accepted, if they are not already Chicago Sculpture International members, will be asked to join.

Special Notes:

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Roundabout Site Design

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Summary: The Tarpon Springs Public Art Committee (TSPAC) seeks to commission an artistic site design and installation to showcase Glenna Goodacre’s “Naiads” sculptures. The Naiads in Greek mythology are nature goddesses of fresh water. Goodacre portrayed these water nymphs with four life-size sculptures each illustrating the expressiveness for which Goodacre is known. Images and diagrams are included under “View Site Details.”

The scope of work includes an illustrated design concept, materials, construction, and installation within an existing respite area. Materials and craftmanship must be durable, low maintenance, and include a five-year warranty. The TSPAC requests that the artist be on site for installation of the Naiads sculptures as a consultant.

Budget: The preliminary budget for Roundabout site design, materials, construction, installation, and shipping costs is $25,000, but additional funds could be allocated to the project if the design merits.

Deadline: 9/7/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: The competition is open to all artists, age 18 and older, residing in the United States.

Special Notes: The scope of work includes an illustrated design concept, materials, construction, and installation – making the site ready for installation of the four bronze sculptures. One Naiad is designed in a seated position so a base appropriate for her must be incorporated into the design. Another Naiad is kneeling, and two are standing. Placement configuration of the four sculptures is at the discretion of the artist. Sculptures will be bolted into place. Please refer to the images and diagrams under “View Site Details.”

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Civic Center Meeting Hall

Livermore, California

Summary: Qualified artists are invited to submit proposals for a medium to large outdoor artwork to be permanently installed at the City of Livermore’s new Civic Center Meeting Hall, located at the corner of S. Livermore Avenue and Pacific Avenue.  The new facility is currently under construction, with an expected time for art installation of January 2019.  This state of the art facility will house the City’s Council Chambers, as well as the City’s Emergency Operations Center. There are two outdoor pieces of art currently installed at the site. This RFP will provide an artwork to sit in the heart of a proposed sculpture garden, anchored by the two existing independent sculptures.

The Commission will use the following guidelines as established in the City’s Cultural Arts Plan. Proposed artwork should:

  • Capture attention, engage the public, and be appropriate to its specific location;
  • Aesthetically enhance the Civic Center complex area and otherwise interact with its surrounding environment;
  • Be appropriate for a high pedestrian traffic environment;
  • Be designed with consideration of the safety of the public;
  • Be constructed of permanent, durable materials with consideration given to ongoing maintenance; maintenance-free is preferred;
  • Be capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions including high winds, high temperatures, heavy rain, storms, etc.;
  • Be suitable by way of form and quality for family viewing and approachability;
  • Be one of a kind or limited edition.  Artwork that is similar to artwork already placed or to be placed in other public art programs within 200 miles of Livermore will not be considered.

Budget: $57,000

Deadline: 9/7/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all artists residing in the United States.  Previous installation of outdoor public art is not a requirement, however demonstrated experience in successfully realizing permanent public art installations will be considered when reviewing submissions.

Special Notes: Installation is scheduled for January 2019

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We Are Overflowing 2019

Fort Myers, Florida

Summary: To launch We Are Overflowing 2020 ArtFest Fort Myers seeks to commission one high-impact sculpture that instantly conveys the message of “as a country we are overflowing with trash and recyclables”. The goal is to get viewer to “re-think what they dispose of – is it trash, is it recycleable, is its best use repurposing or reuse?” This piece will be a 1-month installation in February 2019 that will receive signficant traditional and social media coverage.

Budget: $5,000

Deadline: 9/7/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: This Call for Artist is open to all residents of the United States over the age of 18. All artists regardless of race, nationality, gender, gender variance, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, mental or physical handicap. Artists working in any media are eligible to apply.

Special Notes: ArtFest Fort Myers* announces We Are Overflowing, a national juried exhibit of art crafted from re-purposed, discarded and cast-off materials. The art festival understands the power of art to convey the importance of conserving our limited natural resources and inspiring re-use and the upcycling movement.

The inaugural show, a showcase of ingenuity and imagination, will be February 1 & 2, 2020 and exhibit sophisticated two and three-dimensional art created in the re-use genre. The Call for Artists to select 10 to 12 artists for We Are Overflowing 2020 will be released January 25, 2019 and will be open to all residents of the United States.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Summary: The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program is requesting qualifications from artists to create new works that spark forward thinking as part of a citywide campaign promoting responsible textile consumption and recycling. Artists will be selected for up to three opportunities to raise awareness about consuming and recycling textiles, and the environmental and economic impacts of disposing them.

Budget: $150,000

Deadline: 9/10/18, 11:59 PM, local Arizona time

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions noted

Special Notes: Artists selected for this textile-based project will be expected to spend 6 months creating works that raise awareness and inspire new thinking about using and re-using textiles. They will take part in a series of educational trainings before beginning the design process. These will include tours of the 27th Avenue Solid Waste Management Facility, a textile sorting and recycling facility, and the Resource Innovation Campus. Artists will be expected to work closely with City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Public Works Department staff throughout the project.

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Colorado State University, Translational Medicine Institute

Fort Collins, Colorado

Summary: Qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating a site-specific interior public artwork for the Translational Medicine Institute, part of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

The committee has selected a large vertical wall in the Translational Medicine Institute’s innovation space as the site for the commissioned artwork. The artwork must be two-dimensional or wall-mounted. The Selection Committee is open to artwork in a variety of media and artworks may protrude from the wall as long as the design is ADA compliant. As the focus of the building’s activities is on translational, cooperative medicine and innovation, the committee is interested in artworks that consider this spirit of innovation, in addition to the other multi-faceted uses of the building. The wall area pinpointed for the artwork is approximately 24 feet high by 14 feet wide.

Budget: $39,000

Deadline: 9/10/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to Colorado artists only. Artists who are residents of Larimer County and/or alumni of Colorado State University are encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: Review the full RFQ here.

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Colorado State University, Health Education Outreach Center

Fort Collins, Colorado

Summary: Qualifications are requested from artists and/or artist teams interested in creating a site-specific exterior public artwork or series of artworks for Colorado State University’s new Health Education Outreach Center, located along its Science Quad.

The Art Selection Committee is looking to commission an artwork for the exterior of the new Health Education and Outreach Center building. The committee is interested in an artwork or artworks that operate on campus scale and can activate the exterior of the building in an engaging fashion. One possible site that the committee has pinpointed is outside the main entrance, located on the south side of the building. The entrance is more hidden from the Science Quad and could benefit with an artwork to assist with wayfinding and enhance the sense of arrival as visitors approach the building from the parking lot to the south. This entrance will be heavily trafficked by a variety of users, including CSU students and staff, as well as community members, including school groups.

Budget: $130,000

Deadline: 9/10/18, 11:59pm

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: All applicants must be legal residents of the United States. The artists or artist teams must have the skills and experience commensurate with the responsibility of successfully completing a major public art installation. The Program is open to all artists regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical handicap.

Special Notes: review the full RFQ here

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REFINED Biennial Competition & Exhibition 2018

Nacogdoches, Texas

Summary: We are proud that REFINED has been a continuous presence in Texas allowing for talented jurors and participants to cross paths. With an average of 60 works from all over the country (including international presence), this exhibition offers a diverse view of the field in an educational contemporary environment. Regional support as well as a short journey from Houston or Dallas ensures foot traffic through this unique exhibition.

We would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary by following the theme of our namesake. Refined, based on Webster’s definition, means free from impurities, fastidious, cultivated, precise, and exact. Each of these broad definitions could be considered through design, narrative content, social/political work, and other various representations. Entries may include work that honors “refined” in the broadest sense while embracing the diverse field of metalworking and jewelry. Jewelry, vessels, utensils, installation, and sculpture will be considered.  We encourage the use of a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Budget: At least $1,500 will be awarded at the juror’s discretion.

Deadline: 9/10/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: Entry Fee: $35.00

Exhibition dates: October 26- December 29, 2018

Opening reception: October 26, 2018

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Aspen Art Museum Artist Fellowship 2018-2019

Aspen, Colorado

Summary: The Aspen Art Museum invites local artists working in any medium to apply for the 2018–19 Aspen Art Museum Artist Fellowship. Up to four artists will be selected to participate in this 9-month mentored professional development program.

Artist fellows meet once a month for opportunities including exchanges with visiting artists and curators, presentations from AAM staff, and studio visits with the fellowship group. Participants will have the opportunity to create a project in collaboration with museum staff which reflects their experience of learning from the museum and the fellowship.

Budget: Recipients receive a $1000 honorarium.

Deadline: 9/13/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must have lived within a 100-mile radius of the AAM for at least one year prior to the application deadline.

Special Notes: -Applicants should not be currently enrolled in a degree program of any kind at an institution of higher learning for the duration of the fellowship.
-Both established and emerging artists are welcome to apply.
-Applicants must show the ability to work independently as well as to participate fully in the collaborative nature of the fellowship.
-Applicant must show that they are at a place in the timeline of their career in which the fellowship would advance their work to the next level.

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Homer, Alaska

Summary: The City of Homer, Alaska is requesting proposals from artists and other interested parties to provide art the newly renovated Fire Hall Facility or placement within the pocket park location on the southwest corner of the property.

Budget: $6,976

Deadline: 9/13/18, 4:30pm

How to apply: by mail, see RFQ for details

Eligibility Requirements: none specified

Special Notes: The Public Arts Committee is committed to acquiring art works that reflect diversity in style, scale, media, and artistic sources as well as diverse cultural communities and perspectives. The Public Arts Committee also encourages exploratory types of artwork as well as established art forms.

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Arts in the Park Temporary Art

Tempe, Arizona

Summary: The City of Tempe invites artists to apply for the opportunity to create interactive artworks for the Arts in the Park events scheduled for Spring 2019. The city is looking for artists or artist teams to create artworks that will engage the public, respond to the surrounding site, activate audience participation, and/or enliven the environment during a neighborhood event that celebrates community within the City of Tempe. There are two separate Arts in the Park events, creating two public art opportunities. One artist or artist team will be selected for each event.

Budget: $5,000

Deadline: 9/14/18

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: This Call to Artists is open to a professional artist or artist team residing and eligible to work in the United States. Artists with previous experience working in community engagement projects are encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: pre-submittal session, August 31 9-11am at Press Coffee Roasters, 601 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe 85281

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Celebrating North Carolina Art & Culture – Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine Call for Artists

Asheville, North Carolina


Mission Health, in partnership with EL Design Studios & Gallery VI, is recruiting all artist, galleries and art organizations for work that may be considered for purchase and display at the new Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine.

Artists are invited to submit both 2D and 3D work, with an emphasis on nature and/or culture inspired art. All mediums (Pottery, Jewelry, Glass, Textiles, Ceramics, Wood etc.) are welcome. Artwork can be readily available for purchase or an artist may be open to possible commissions. Purchases will be chosen by a Steering Committee, a panel of Mission leadership, who are charged with selecting pieces that reflect the unique art community and culture of the region.

Budget: none provided

Deadline: 9/14/18

How to apply: CaFÉ™

Eligibility Requirements: This call is open to all artists who are residents of western North Carolina (specific counties are noted, please see link below for details)

Special Notes:

Art provides a positive diversion, inspires hope and contributes to an atmosphere of healing and restoration. In the hospital setting, art addresses the health of the human body and spirit, reminding us of the human connections, life experiences, and memories that can support and comfort us as we confront illness.

By providing positive distractions to patients of all ages, the art program at Mission Health Hospital for Advanced Medicine will play an integral role in supporting the healing process while enhancing the patient, family, staff and community experience. Mission Health desire is to feature art from local artists that incorporates a variety of styles, mediums and content.

Artists are encouraged to submit pieces that are nature-inspired and culturally inspired to help Mission Health celebrate what represents western North Carolina. Together, we will build an outstanding art program that reflects the hospital’s BIG(GER) aim: To get every person their desired outcome, first without harm, also without waste and always with an exceptional experience for each person, family and team member.

All artwork must be suitable for a healing, public hospital setting.

  • Keep in mind that a hospital is often a highly stressful environment, so your artwork should have a high likelihood of positively affecting viewers, even promoting a calming response from them. Avoid threatening imagery or imagery perceived as dangerous. Controversial or political imagery will not be considered. Artworks that contain graphic depictions of violence, sexually explicit imagery, and/or nudity are highly discouraged and will be disqualified.

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