Call for Artists: Deadlines Over Next 6 Weeks

August – Early September Call for Artists Across the USA

Depot Park Public Art, Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa Public Art masthead

Summary: The City of Santa Rosa Public Art Program is seeking an artist to design and implement a permanent public art project in Depot Park. This public art opportunity is for one artist or team of artists to create a dynamic installation that reflects the identity of the historic Railroad Square neighborhood. This can be approached abstractly or literally.

The public art should be interactive, activate Depot Park, create a sense of place in daylight and at night, and reinforce the location as a gathering space. Installations integrated with landscape or hardscape elements, and those with functional components will also be considered.

Budget: $32,000

Deadline: 08/03/2017 5:00 pm Pacific Time

How to apply: Apply to this call by mail

Eligibility Requirements: This commission is open to practicing, professional artists residing in the United States. Artists working in a variety of 3-D installation and permanent media are encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: Be sure to allow time for postal delivery. Applications must be received by deadline.

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Bayou Trails, Houston, TX: 3 Different Parks

Bayou Trails Call for Artists


Bayou Trails is a community-based art project that involves 3 parks in Houston – Mason, MacGregor, and Hermann parks.  Each park will have its own arts project, and the concept for this project has been created by the people who use and live near the park. In other words, each park’s constituents have conceived a community-based art project. This initiative is called Bayou Trails because Bray’s Bayou runs alongside all three of these parks, connecting them with its path.

Budget: $45,000 (for each of the 3 calls)

Deadline: 08/03/2017 11:59 PM Central Time

How to apply: insert

Eligibility Requirements: Artists, arts professionals and/or organizations living within Houston’s city limits are eligible; those who live in or near the community or neighborhoods surrounding the park are strongly encouraged to apply. Submissions from applicants living outside of the City of Houston will not be considered.

Special Notes: There are 3 separate opportunities for Public Art in this Call for Artists, Hermann Park, MacGregor Park , and Mason Park

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Animal Care Sculpture

Animal Care Sculpture

Summary: The Bernalillo County Arts Board and Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Department solicit artists or artists’ teams to submit conceptual sketch designs for a sculpture for the entrance of the new Animal Care Facility. The facility will be 17,000 square feet and house over 100 dogs, 20 cats and livestock.

Budget: $60,000

Deadline: 8/4/17

How to apply: via CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: This call open is to artists living in New Mexico.

Special Notes: The committee seeks artists or artist teams who are proficient in medium scale sculpture and can evoke an inviting space with their designs. The size of the artwork should be proportionate to the scale of the landscape circle and compliment the architecture. Public safety is a concern. The artwork should not pose a threat of injury of any persons or animals who may come in contact with the piece

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Public Defender Building Public Art Installation

 The Alachua County Office of the Public Defender call for artists

Summary: The Alachua County Office of the Public Defender has recently completed construction of their new facility located at 151 SW 2nd Avenue in Gainesville Florida.  It is the hope that this project will enhance the visual quality of the area for users of the building and the general public using SW 2nd Avenue near Main Street and the County Courthouse. Gainesville’s downtown is a combination of a college town with emerging innovation technology commercial centers. The downtown area also has many cultural attributes and activities including art galleries, permanent public art featuring internationally recognized muralists, two nationally recognized street art festivals each year, and monthly art walks. It is the hope that this project and others similar to it will further enhance the cultural vitality of the downtown area.

Budget: $25,000.00

Deadline: 8/4/17

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: insert

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Mountain View Elementary School: Municipality of Anchorage

Anchorage Elementary School Call for Artists

Summary: There are 2 different locations for this project. The same or different artists may be selected for the 2 projects.

Location 1: Exterior Front Entry; Parapet, Canopy, Facade

Location 2:Interior Multipurpose Room Proscenium

Budget: Location 1: $60,000; Location 2: $30,000

Deadline: 8/4/17

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: National call, Alaska preference

Special Notes: Any permitting, or engineer fees required for sculptures taller than 6’ must be paid by artist. Any structural or engineer fees for approved structure modifications, must be paid by artist.

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City of Sandpoint Silver Box Project

Sandpoint Idaho art on loan call for artists


The Sandpoint Arts Commission invites artists to apply for the Silver Box Project, an art on loan competition.

Three sculptures will be selected by jury process, for a one year loan. Artworks that are selected to participate in the project will be promoted to city visitors and residents between October 2017 and August 2018. The project culminates in a community wide vote to select a sculpture for the City of Sandpoint to purchase at the end of the project timeline.

The artwork will be located on a highly visible, heavily trafficked pathway near the entrance to the Sandpoint City Beach.  These sculptures will be promoted to residents through print and social media, as well as highlighted in numerous community arts and culture events.

Budget: The selected artists will be provided $500 for the provision, installation and removal of the art. The winning artist as the result of the community wide vote will receive $5,000, including taxes, at which point the City will take ownership of the piece and all insurance and liability obligations.

Deadline: 11:59 PST 8/8/17

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to all residents in the states of Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon

Special Notes:  Participation in the project implies that the winning artist is satisfied to sell their sculpture to the city for no more than $5,000, including taxes. The city will not take any commission if art work is sold as a result of project participation.

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College of Lake County Science and Engineering Building Grayslake, Ill.

Grayslake IL call for artists

Summary: The artwork for this project will be an artist-designed living wall using living materials and other artistic elements. The wall will be a strong visual statement demonstrating the College of Lake County’s commitment to sustainability.
The committee is looking for an artist to lead a team to design the project and partner with landscape designers, fabricators, living wall providers, nurseries, and other professionals to provide technical and installation services.

Budget: $46,000

Deadline: 08/11/2017 5:00 PM Central Time

How to apply: by email or mail, see here for details

Eligibility Requirements: This public art commission is open to all professional artists, artisans, or artist-led teams that live and work in the state of Illinois.

Special Notes: insert

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More site details are available here.


Riverwalk – I-24 Underpass – Chattanooga, TN

Chattannoga Underpass Call for Artists

Summary: The City of Chattanooga and the Public Art Committee hope to transform an otherwise unattractive and uncomfortable space along the Riverwalk into a destination and gateway, connecting South Chattanooga to Downtown.

Budget: $220,000

Deadline: 08/17/2017 3:00 PM Central Time

How to apply: Apply to this call for artists by mail or via Google Drive (see RFQ for details)

Eligibility Requirements: This is a national competition open to professional artists and teams; all members of the team must be over 18 years old, practicing, professionals residing in the United States.

Special Notes: Allow time for mail delivery.

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The full RFQ is available here.

Contemporary Cast Iron Art

Contemporary Cast Iron Art 2018


The mission of the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art is to create an international platform for the exploration and practice of contemporary cast iron sculpture and to inspire global participation in the aesthetic, conceptual, cultural, historical, and technical dialogue on contemporary cast iron art.

The 8th International Conference will engage the theme of Post Industrial Iron, Divergence, Dialog, and New Directions offering an opportunity for the International community to come together share conceptual ideas, discuss process and view finished projects. Community practice, public sculpture, and the conceptualization and fabrication of art through pre-conference workshops will be key components. The historic setting and contemporary initiatives in Scranton, PA provide an example of an iron community engaged in contemporary practice. Conference workshops, panels, performances, demonstrations, and lectures invite the cultivation of aesthetic and conceptual dialog between practicing artists, students, iron enthusiasts, researchers, and art historians. As 21st century artists, how do we embrace the radical shifts in the contemporary field of sculpture

Deadline: 11:45pm, Aug 20th 2017

How to apply: via their website

Special Notes: We are now accepting abstracts for the following six areas to be considered for the 2018 conference:
​Technical Lecture Series
, Conceptual Lecture Series, Performances, Demonstrations,Workshops, and Exhibitions.

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City of Sugar Land, Festival Site Overlook Public Art Project (RFQ 2017-17), Texas

City of Sugar Land call for artists


The City of Sugar Land’s Public Art Program via the Economic Development Department is pleased to offer this opportunity. Opened in March 2017, the Sugar Land Festival Site is adjacent to U.S. Highway 59 and the Brazos River and includes 52-acres of beautiful, open land. The site will be used for large-scale events such as the City’s Fourth of July celebration, Cultural Kite Festival, large-scale civic events, and possibly commercial festivals. It is expected that this site will be bringing in many attendees locally, regionally, and beyond to experience an array of events. The wall is curved and measures roughly 200’ long with a gradual slopping from the tallest section at mid-point. At its tallest, it is 6’ high; at the end of the colonnade section, it is 53” high; at the end of the handrail, it is 33” high; and the wall terminates at 6” high.

The City of Sugar Land Cultural Arts Division proposes that a permanent artwork be installed at the Festival Site Overlook, which will be a location for large outdoor events and gatherings. The Overlook serves as a link between the Brazos River Park and the Festival Site. At the top of the Overlook is a long retaining wall and colonnade, which would be highly suitable for an applied artwork, in a material such as mosaic or ceramic tile.

Budget: $151,500

Deadline: 08/22/2017 9:00 AM Central Time

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: Artists in the United States are eligible to apply. Sugar Land- and Greater Houston-area artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Artwork Goals
Create a signature artwork that:
• Relates to the landscape and the architectural elements.
• Makes the Overlook and its terrace a destination in and of itself.
• Reinforces the connection between public art and Sugar Land’s most important destinations.
• Beautifies the Festival Site.

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Cedar Park- Public Safety Art Project

Cedar Park Public Safety Art Project


The City’s Parks Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board seeks to commission artwork to be installed outside of the City’s Police Department/Court Building. The building is currently undergoing an expansion and the Board wishes to unveil the new artwork when the building is completed in late summer 2018.

The design proposals should:
• Honor both the Cedar Park Police Department and the Cedar Park Fire Department.
• Contain an element that serves as a memorial for two police officers killed in the line of duty.
• Contain a seating element where members of the public may sit and reflect.

Budget: $74,000

Deadline: 08/25/2017 5:00 PM Central Time

How to apply: via, then via file sharing or postal delivery

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: The Police/Court Building is located at 911 Quest Parkway. Currently there is an empty fountain located outside the front entrance. The City is filling that fountain in with dirt and covering the area with grass. The Board seeks proposals on artwork to be install in that location to serve as a memorial to fallen police officers and to serve as and an artistic tribute the City’s two public safety departments.

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Wayne State College – Center for Applied Technology Public Art Project

Wayne Sate College RFQ

Summary: The committee is seeking a large interior mural, sculpture, installation public art project. The proposed site of the commissioned artwork is on the highly visible first floor atrium wall, approximately 6 feet x 45 feet. The committee is seeking artists who can design, in an engaging manner, innovative, thought-provoking projects that relate to the proposed space.

Budget: $30,000

Deadline: August 28, 2017

How to apply: Apply using Slideroom

SlideRoom requires particular file formats: applicants may upload images (jpg), and/or video (mov, wmv, flv). For good image quality and fast upload, image (jpg) files should be sized no larger than 1220px @ 72 dpi. Video files must be kept under 60MB each

Eligibility Requirements: This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) competition is open to all professional artists or artist teams from throughout the United States. Artists from diverse backgrounds and Nebraska artists are encouraged to apply.

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City of Overland Park City Hall – City Hall Renovation Project – Art Acquisition

Overland Park City Hall Art Acquisition


Summary: The City of Overland Park is renovating City Hall and art will be a key component. The City will be purchasing wall mounted art for the interior public spaces including a statement piece for the atrium ceiling and one non-monumental out of doors element. Art sought will either reflect the precision associated with city planning, or our area’s beauty and our citizenry.

Budget: Total budget for all acquisitions and installation is $100,000

Deadline: 8/30/17

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: There are 6 different locations that are included in this art acquisition proposal

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Complete RFQ is available here.

Interactive Sculpture for Glazer Children’s Museum, FL

Glazer Children's Museum call for artists

Summary: The Glazer Children’s Museum seeks an innovative, creative and whimsical proposal for a long-term signature sculptural installation in the museum’s two-story, glass-enclosed lobby.

The museum is particularly interested in interactive, three-dimensional artwork that is inviting to visitors both inside and outside the museum which is located in the vibrant Waterfront Arts District alongside the Tampa Riverwalk in downtown Tampa, Florida. The museum is re-imagining the lobby and entrance experience and the sculpture would be an iconic centerpiece to our lobby.

Budget: $200,000

Deadline: 08/31/2017 5:00pm EST

How to apply: electronically via email, DropBox or YouSendIt

Eligibility Requirements: Open to professional artists and artist teams over 18 years of age.

Special Notes: insert

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City of Brentwood Public Art Request for Qualifications


Brentwood California call for artists

Summary: The City of Brentwood Arts Commission seeks to commission an artist to create outdoor public art along an island median on Sand Creek Road across from “The Streets of Brentwood”. This is the first of four major “Gateways” into the City of Brentwood.  This is also a heavily used thoroughfare located between two shopping centers.

Budget: Up to $175,000

Deadline: 5pm Pacific time 8/31/17

How to apply: Submission is by email with 1 single PDF attachment

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to established professional artists living in the United States.  Applicants should have experience creating, fabricating and installing public art.  Only professional artists with reviewable portfolios are eligible to submit qualifications

Special Notes:

The vision for this project is to add a signature permanent installation of public art bringing the past to the future with a prospective of heritage and historical vision of the community.  The piece should enhance the space and be as visually interesting at night, as well as during the day, by incorporating light and the City of Brentwood logo.  The space where the art is to be placed is a span of 180 feet long and 25 to 30 feet wide and can be used in part or in total.  The Arts Commission is seeking an original artistic vision for this gateway that:

  • Enhances the experience of vehicles coming into Brentwood
  • Create a sense of place and pride by establishing a distinctive landmark as one of the gateways into the City
  • Is compatible within the space in terms of scale, material, form, content, and safety considerations
  • Requires minimum conservation and maintenance
  • Complies with the City’s light ordnance

Click here to read more about this call for artists including application details

See the site details here.

England Airpark/Alexandria Int Airport – Public Art Sculpture

England Airpark logo

Summary: England Airpark and Community, home to Alexandria International Airport, is seeking request for qualifications and preliminary proposals from individual artists or artists teams for the creation of a monumental gateway sculpture located in a site specific roundabout entrance to the Airpark.  This site was specifically created for the installation of a public art centerpiece.  This is a high visibility, high traffic opportunity with hundreds of thousands of  vehicles utilizing the Airparks roundabout on an annual basis.  The roundabout location is one of the most notable and prominent public spaces within  the Central Louisiana community.

Budget: $125,000

Deadline: 9/8/17

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Artists must have installed pieces of similar scale for the public art sector
  • Demonstrate involvement in a public art project/process
  • Demonstrate ability to  design, fabricate, coordinate public art commissions
  • Able to join electronically for meetings w/ the England Airpark Authority and/or the    selection committee
  • Demonstrate experience in engaging with community through public art unveiling and public meetings.

Special Notes: Project goal is to incorporate a public sculpture that serves as a focal point for the Airpark roundabout and compliments the surrounding adjacent public space which has been developed with a military context.

Project Theme: Public Art Commission to honor U.S. Army and National Guard light infantry, in particular the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, which were formed in Central Louisiana.

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Watch a video about this project

Alaska Contemporary Art Bank Call for Art

Alaska State Council on the Arts masthead

Summary: Art Bank artworks are loaned out for display in public areas owned and operated by the State of Alaska, University of Alaska departments, the State Legislature and in the offices of the Alaskan members of the U. S. Congress. Artwork must be durable and appropriate for public areas. ASCA provides labels that identify the artist and artwork title to accompany the pieces.

Budget: ASCA will pay for the shipping of artworks selected for Alaska Contemporary Art Bank purchase; the artist will be responsible for packing and securing delivery of the artwork to the ASCA office.

Deadline: 9:59 PM Alaska Standard time, Friday, September 8, 2017

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be an Alaskan resident, or an Alaskan resident at time the work was created

Special Notes:

  • Work must have been created in the last five years
  • Artwork must be original and not a reproduction or a copyright violation
  • To be considered, works must be priced no higher than $4,000

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Clippership Wharf Public Art – EAST BOSTON, MA

Clippership Wharf RFQ

Summary: Lendlease Clippership Wharf LLC (“Lendlease”) is interested in commissioning a large-scale sculpture in the round to install in the northwest corner of their Clippership Wharf Development.  Lendlease is looking for a landmark sculpture that will promote and reflect the neighborhood, and provide an impactful enhancement to the public realm.

Budget: $123,250

Deadline: 09/15/2017 11:59 PM Central Time

How to apply: CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: Open to professional artists and artist groups within New England. Artists must have experience with projects of comparable budget, scale and scope.

Special Notes:

The Clippership Wharf project will transform an underutilized section of the East Boston Waterfront into an active, publicly-accessible extension of Maverick Square and the surrounding East Boston neighborhood.

This mixed-use project features both apartments and condominiums within four buildings comprised of approximately 478 housing units on the upper floors, and a mix of residential, community, restaurant, and recreational uses at the ground level. The site will create a waterfront destination with its diverse public amenities– including a public social and fitness club, destination restaurant, commuter café, secure bicycle storage, public parking, public restrooms, and boating and recreational facilities.

The sculpture will be installed along the Harborwalk adjacent to Boston Harbor near Clipper Ship Lane in East Boston, MA. The site will be outfitted with public seating and lighting. Additional site images are available upon request

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Read more about the Clippership Wharf Project here.