Call for Artists, Sculpture Opportunities: Happy Holidays

Check out the 11 opportunities for sculptors to close out 2019 and ring in the new year!

Happy Holidays–and Happy Sculpting

Delaware River Trail, Central Segment

Philadelphia, PA

Summary: The City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Program, through the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE), announces a two-stage selection process by which we will award and commission a site-specific artwork on the Delaware River Trail, Central Segment. This commission is part of the $20 million City construction project by the City of Philadelphia through the Delaware Riverfront Waterfront Corporation (DRWC).

Budget: $200,000

Deadline: 12/12/19, 5pm

How to apply: email with file sharing, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: This competition is open to artists and artist-teams who reside in the United States.

Special Notes: Up to five (5) Respondents will be pre-qualified to move to the Stage 2 Request for Proposal (RFP) process and be permitted to submit full proposals and applications.

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Silverwood Park Call for Sculpture

Saint Anthony, MN

Summary: Silverwood Park is seeking proposals for outdoor sculpture to be installed in June 2021.

Budget: One proposal will be selected and awarded a $10,000 honorarium to support its creation

Deadline: 12/15/19

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Artists 18 years of age or older who primarily live or work in the Midwest are invited to submit proposals individually or collaboratively.

Special Notes: Silverwood Park, a Three Rivers Park District facility located in St Anthony, MN, is devoted to the integration of artistic creation and nature-based experiences. Each year, over 275,000 guests visit the park. We are a unique 120 acre park in the Twin Cities area, offering spectacular views of Silver Lake, restored prairie, and mature oak forests. The main visitor’s center includes a gallery, café/coffee shop, gift shop, and large event hall. Other amenities at the park include education facilities, picnic sites, fishing opportunities, and paved trails. Nature-inspired artwork is exhibited in the gallery, performances are scheduled in the amphitheater, and art & nature classes  are offered throughout the year.  

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Public Artwork for Outdoor Plaza (Inspiration Plaza)

Fremont CA

Summary: The City of Fremont, California is seeking artist proposals for the commission of an innovative and permanent public art installation for a new outdoor plaza, Inspiration Plaza, in south Fremont. The artist will design, fabricate, and install the artwork. The area for the artwork is approximately 100 square-feet.

Budget: The budget for this project—including design, fabrication, and installation—is $160,000

Deadline: 12/20/19

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to all professional artists nationwide. Artists must be at least 18 years of age and have experience working with substantial budgets.

Special Notes: For more information on the Warm Springs Innovation District, please visit

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Sculpture on Sample/ArtWalk

Coral Springs, FL

Summary: The City of Coral Springs Public Art Program will temporary display up to nine (9) artworks. The City will then purchase one or more sculptures for the continued expansion of public art within the City. The purchased sculpture(s) will be chosen from the existing temporary display sculptures chosen for the Sculpture on Sample/ArtWalk Program.

Budget: up to $49,000.00 for final purchase of artwork(s); each artist selected for loan will receive $2,000.00. up to 9 artworks may be selected for temporary display

Deadline: December 23, 2019

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to any professional visual artist with experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm.

Special Notes: Artists should submit pre-existing artworks for purchase

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Wall Sculptural Art

Redwood City, CA

Summary: We are seeking a three-dimensional sculptural art piece to be installed on an approximately 100 feet x 30 feet wall in downtown Redwood City.

Art may cover entire wall or selected sections of the wall. Artist may utilize paint, wood, metal, plastic, or other materials, though metal is preferred.

Budget: $20,000

Deadline: 12/23/19

How to apply: see link below

Eligibility Requirements: U.S.-based artist with demonstrated experience in large-scale sculptural art projects

California artists, in particular local artists from the SF Bay Area, are encouraged to apply. Artists of underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. 

Preference for artist with experience with teaching and/or supporting emerging artists (see Artist’s Responsibilities).

Special Notes: Style: Non-realistic, abstract, and/or non-representational. No overt political messages.

Out of concern of future development of adjacent parcels (potentially obstructing the artwork), we aim for the artwork to be quasi-permanent, meaning that the work could be removed and reinstalled at another site if needed.

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mARTian Project: Call for Sculptors

West Windsor, NJ

Summary: The WWAC wants to commemorate the War of the Worlds radio broadcast with a permanent, outdoor, township-wide, family-friendly, series of public sculpture installations, collectively called The mARTian Project.

Budget: Each sculptor selected to have her/his sculpture included in The mARTian Project installations will receive a $1,000 honorarium to help defray costs of transportation and other expenses involved.

Deadline: 12/31/19

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: The mARTian Project is open to all sculptors who are at least 18 years of age, regardless of location.

Special Notes: When reviewing sculpture proposals, some of the important considerations will be:
– Safety to the public (i.e., no sharp edges, no points, no breakable or bendable components, no climbing hazards, no barbed wire, etc.)
– Outdoor durability
– Appropriate for family-friendly audience
– Connection to War of the Worlds theme

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Pre-Qualified Artist Program

La Quinta, CA

Summary: The City of La Quinta Public Art Program Pre-Qualified Artist List is open to receive applications from established as well as emerging artists who are interested in being considered for public art projects. The list is used to streamline the selection process and opens up every two years for artists to submit their information. Once submitted, an artist will be able to remain on the eligibility list for five years before re-applying. As public art projects arise, artists will be pooled from the list and placed for review and consideration to the project.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: 12/31/19

How to apply: via email

Eligibility Requirements: City of La Quinta requests qualifications from professional visual artists, 18 years of age or older, or artist teams who live in the United States. Artists living within a 150-mile radius of La Quinta are strongly encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: Please send all application materials in a single PDF.

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LaunchPAD (Public Art Duo) Program

Austin, TX

Summary: The LaunchPAD Program (PAD = Public Art Duo) provides an opportunity for local artists to gain technical and administrative expertise needed to compete within the field of public art while providing services benefiting a public art project. This program is meant to be a professional development opportunity for local artists interested in a career in public art.

Budget: The LaunchPAD artist will be paid a flat fee of $15,000 per project,

Deadline: 12/31/2019 11:59 PM Central Time

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: Mid-career and emerging professional visual artists who have resided in the Austin metro area, including Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet and Blanco counties, for a minimum of one (1) year, and who have a strong interest in gaining expertise in the public art process are encouraged to apply. Artist must be at least 18 years old.

Special Notes: It is a goal for each project with a budget over $200,000 to include a LaunchPAD Artist, as determined feasible by Art in Public Places (AIPP) staff and approved by the AIPP Panel and Arts Commission.

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Call for Art: Activation

Brookline MA

Summary: For this exhibition, we are seeking works that move or are activated to perform. A call for Kinetic Art: art of both real and apparent motion. Works should explore the element of time, or reflect on the modern world through technology.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: January 1, 2020, 11:59pm

How to apply: see link below

Eligibility Requirements: All artists residing in United States are eligible to submit work. All applications must be entered online through the BAC’s submission form. Up to six pieces of original artwork can be submitted.

Special Notes: Submission Fee: $25 for 1-3 submissions, $35 for 4-6 submissions

Exhibition Dates: March 13-April 10, 2020

Artwork that is selected for the exhibition can be listed for sale at a price determined by the artist. The BAC is entitled to 30% commission.

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Juried Outdoor Public Sculpture Exhibition

Manhattan, KS

Summary: The City of Manhattan is sponsoring a temporary outdoor sculpture exhibition open to qualifying artists.

Budget: A $1,500 honorarium is offered.

Deadline: Jan 3 2020

How to apply: see link below

Eligibility Requirements: Open to U.S. citizens and legal residents who are 18 years of age or older.

Special Notes: All entries must be the original artwork of the submitting artist. Entries may be of existing
artworks or concept proposals. An artist may submit up to three (3) artwork entries.

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RFQ: Public Artwork — Private Percent for Art Program at Fairview Heights

Inglewood, CA

Summary: The public artwork will be a centerpiece of the Fairview Heights Apartments, a new transit-supportive development, owned and managed by LINC-CORE Fairview Metro, LP. This four-story construction is a high quality, mixed-use residential complex that serves a range of incomes. 50 units will be reserved Homeless Households, receiving service from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, accommodating single-person households, couples, or small families. The artwork will be a prominent focal point at the east entrance to the building, visible along Redondo Boulevard from the new Metro Station across the street and along the residential and commercial-oriented Long Street to the east.

Budget: $200,000. The total budget is $200,000 and is allocated as follows:
$130,000 Artist, subcontractors, fabrication, materials, installation, liability insurance (65%)
$ 30,000 Art Consultant Fees (15%)
$ 20,000 Architect Services, Engineering, Permitting (10%)
$ 20,000 Contingency (10%)

Deadline: Jan 6, 2020, 11:59 PM PST

How to apply: see link below

Eligibility Requirements: The RFQ is open to individual artists and/or artist teams over the age of 18 currently living in California. Artists must have more than five (5) years experience in art and completed three (3) public art projects with budgets over $80,000 within the last ten years.

Special Notes: The public artwork will contribute to the visibility of the new building, engage the community in imaginative interaction, and celebrate the City of Inglewood as a thriving urban center and reflect the rich cultural history. The artwork should add vibrancy, be visually engaging, making the general public more aware of the Site’s sense of identity, place, cultural continuity and transformation through incorporation of existing community narratives. Its visual character and motifs to be compatible with the contemporary, mediterranean style architecture that blends in with the neighborhood. Artists may propose concepts that use different materials — sculptural or time-based media are encouraged — and provides an innovative, dynamic, and durable design that best engages the public and is suitable for the site.

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