Ceramic Artists Gotta Love this Treasure Hunt

If You Love Japanese Porcelain You Must Check This Out!

Imagine a ceramics facility that is so large the staff uses bicycles to get from one side to the other.

Kouraku Kiln Japanese porcelain treasure hunt

Imagine a place that has been in business for a century and a half, producing some of the finest porcelain in Japan.

Now imagine that you can have free roam of this facility for 90 minutes and pick up any of the beautiful porcelain you want for less than $100 US!

Kouraku Kiln ceramics treasure hunt

Put all of this together and you have the “treasure hunt” of a lifetime–and it is available at the Kouraku Kiln in Arita, Japan.

Kouraku Kiln has been producing some of Japan’s finest porcelain since it was founded in 1865. They have come up with the treasure hunt as a creative way to reduce their inventory. Even the staff don’t know exactly what treasures you might find.

You must make a reservation as they only accept 10 people per day. When you arrive you will be given a choice between two routes. One costs less than $50, the more expensive course less than $100.

After a 30 minute tour to orient yourself, you are given a basket to put your finds in, a flashlight to see by, and gloves to wear. You provide your own comfy shoes for this 90 minute treasure hunt. You get to keep anything that fits into your basket.

Kouraku Kiln treasure hunt

Kouraku Kiln has more creative opportunities for visitors as well. Visitors can also sign up to stay overnight at the facility’s guest quarters. This unique opportunity allows you to create your own masterpiece at the kiln, taking advantage of 150 years of expertise.

No matter which adventure you choose, you will take home wonderful memories along with your porcelain.

Kouraku Kiln
Tel: 090-8351-4121 or 0955-42-4121
2512 Maruo, Arita, Saga (Gmap)
A 5-min bus ride and a 3-min walk from Arita Station

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