Drywall Sculpture by Bernie Mitchell (video)

Watch as this Artist Creates Artwork IN the Wall, Not ON it!

We featured Bernie Mitchell’s amazing work with drywall last year. In this video, Mitchell creates a mountain scene. One of the coolest parts is that you can actually watch much of his technique–in case you get inspired to create your own masterpiece.

Below is a shorter (less than 3 minute) video of a different work by the drywall sculptor. This is a more “fun” and interactive work that could work well with a variety of collections. (Hey, we’re trying to not give it all away!)

Having moved recently, I have mixed emotions about these pieces–first, I cringed at the idea that movers would be banging around near them. Especially as I see the marks they made on my flat walls! Second, I imagine it would be hard to leave these works behind. Still, they are pretty inspiring to watch.

To see more of Bernie’s finished works, check out the gallery on his website. His work features sculptural walls with horses, birds, and beautiful scenes, as well as purely architectural work.

Although not available at the writing of this post, tutorials will be offered on the website in the future. in case you want to try your hand at something a little more creative than filling in nail holes!