Giant Sculpture Puppets Will Wander Streets of Liverpool

Lifelike Giant Sculpture Puppets Return in Liverpool’s Dream

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be in the company of giants? Well, from Thursday Oct 4-Sunday Oct 7 you can have the chance to see the world’s leading street theatre company, which is a company of giant sculpture puppets! The Royal de Luxe will be staging this even in Liverpool. It is their 3rd installment of the Liverpool Experience.

Giant Sculpture Enthralls Audiences with Personality and Story

Check out the details in the giant puppets-sculptures–as the story unfolds over several days.
I think this one's a girl!

Lost under the sea, water giants have created a diving suit for the giant of the land…

Giant sculpture puppet watches as he is helped with his helmet


Diver giant sculpture puppet

The giant goes in search of his beloved niece…

Lilliputians make giant sculptures come to life

(In this photo you can see the Lilliputians jumping and pulling the strings that bring these giant sculptures to life.)

The Giant’s niece – the Little Girl-Giant sculpture – chartered a boat to look for her uncle.

Niece giant sculpture puppet

Once upon land, she walks the streets of the city, as does her uncle, until they are reunited.

The Diver and his Niece giant sculpture puppets

Jean-Luc Courcoult is the creator, director and author of the sagas that the giant sculpture puppets participate in.

Since 1979 Royal De Luxe Theater has been put on about 1,500 shows in more than 172 cities. 24 million spectators from 40 countries on 5 continents have thrilled at the sights.

The Saga of the Giants began in 1993. The video and photos in this post are from the an earlier installment of the Saga.

If watching this incredible blend of sculpture, puppetry, performance art and theater isn’t enough for you, you can actually be an official Lilliputian or volunteer for this free event in a number of capacities.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for culture, tourism and event, Councillor Wendy Simon, said:

“This is the final time our Giant visitors will ever walk our streets so we want to give as many people as possible the chance to be part of this event which is set to go down in Liverpool history.

“The complexity around staging an event of this scale won’t surprise anyone – years of planning go into it and there’s an army of people who work incredibly hard behind the scenes to produce a show which wows an audience of hundreds and thousands.

“When we launched the volunteer programme in 2014 we were overwhelmed by the response, and within a few weeks practically every role had been allocated. As this is the climax to the trilogy, we are predicting that demand to be part of the show will be at an all-time high.

“It really is a fantastic opportunity to play an integral role in what will be an unforgettable experience for all involved.”

Full role descriptions and the application details can be found at The deadline for submissions is 5pm Tuesday 31 July.

The story and all images are from Royal de Luxe website, © Jean-Luc Courcoult Author and director – Founder of the company Royal de Luxe

The story:

At the time of the legends, a Giant had settled in the middle of a river and all the ships that sailed that way went passed him. Just like on motorways today, he requested a toll for access. He used the money he collected to build the city of his dreams. He had dug pools as huge tubs to relax in and host other Giants.

One day, conquerors from another world managed to capture him and cut off his hand. The current carried him and his hand away, down to the bottom of the ocean. Strangely, the Hand was living alone now somewhere in the Atlantic waters where she was busy stroking the rocks, seaweed and fish.

One day, a storm took away a trunk full of letters from the Red Star Line – boats sailing from Antwerp to the American coast – which sank close to the Hand. With great obstinacy and courage the Hand dragged the trunk up to one of the tubs in the city. Unfortunately, having no arms the Hand could not pull the trunk up onto the dock.

However, the Giant’s niece – the Little Girl-Giant – had chartered a boat to look for her uncle, but she didn’t find him. In the spot where the Giant lay, a geyser under the sea had woken him up. Some Water Giants built him a diving suit to allow him to go looking for the Little Girl-Giant that he so loved.

Scaling the sand dunes underwater he found his way to the city and once there, he lay down in one of their tubs. Legend tells us that he found his Hand, the lost mail and the Little Girl-Giant, but it is only a legend.