High Tide Buries Sculpture

Sculptor Creates Work That Is Only Visible Twice a Day

high tide

Read how global warming affects one artist’s works.

Jason deCaires Taylor is an underwater sculptor. (We love his watery work, read about his largest underwater piece.)

For his latest piece he created, “Rising Tide” which reveals itself just twice a day at low tide, only to be submerged again.

The sculpture is also a statement about politics, global warming, and the fate of those who will be around long after we have left the planet.

Two of the riders, dressed in suits, represent politicians and captains of industry, groups Taylor believes aren’t doing enough to slow climate change. The remaining two riders are children, representing the generation who will suffer the consequences of their inaction.

The piece was commissioned for the Totally Thames festival.


Thanks to Upworthy for the original article which can be read here.

Photo of “Rising Tide” by Jason deCaires Taylor, by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images.