Incredible Wood Carvings Cause Double Takes

Think You Understand these Sculptures? Think, and Look, Again

wood sculpture of hanging tree held together by rope, Schrodinger's Wood by Maskull Lasserre

This image is of Canadian sculptor’s work “Schrodiger’s Wood” which is not what it appears. Well, it is, and it isn’t.

The work is carved out of Ash–the actual tree trunk, bark and all.

It appears to be 2 pieces of the tree, connected by a rope. The two pieces of wood working with gravity in an attempt to completely fray the knot. The viewer can almost hear the end result as the lower part of the tree trunk crashes to the floor.

But things are ‘knot’ quite as they seem…

detail of carved knot in Schrodinger's Wood sculpture by Maskull Lasserre

That fragile rope knot is actually carved wood, and the entire piece is carved from a single trunk, rather than 2 sections being pieced together.

Still not convinced, check out this photo of the sculptor at work–

Sculptor Maskull Lasserre carving Schrodinger's Wood

Wood Carvings Combine Illusion and Tension

Another piece that Lasserre created that also includes both illusion and tension is “Improbable Worlds”

Improbable Worlds, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, finished piece

In this sculpture, it appears that Lasserre has cut a piano in half and placed them in a way that holds a wishbone tenuously in mid-air.

But wait!
Improbable Worlds, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, wood carving in progress

Yep, that wishbone is connected to and carved from the piano.

Improbable Worlds, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, detail of carving wishbone

Of course, in order for a wishbone to work it must be broken, as shown in this detail of “After the Wish”

Improbable Worlds, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, detail of 'after the wish'

Illusion is just one of the themes we see in Lasserre’s work. Tension is evident in many of works, including those that are not wood carvings. You can see more examples on his website where he explores other types of tension, such as the opposing forces of life and death, and war and peace.

Found Objects Made into Wood Carvings Sculpture

This sculptor also revels in taking found objects and carving them into something new that demands our attention.

Case in point, “Janus”, a carousel horse.

Janus, carousel horse front side, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre

What appears to be a normal carousel horse when viewed from one side, takes on an entirely new meaning when viewed from the other side.

Janus, carousel horse carved interior, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre

This sculpture was displayed at Banksy’s creation, Dismaland appropriately enough.

Lasserre also works on found objects of a smaller scale. Finding inspiration in even a simple momento, this piece “Souvenir” (which in french means ‘remember’) is a case in point

Souvenir, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, front

Ordinary on the front, extraordinary on the flip side.

Souvenir, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, carved interior

Souvenir, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, carved back view

And finally, but thankfully not the last of this talented artist’s works, we show “Decoy” which lives up to its name.

Decoy, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, front side

Appearing to be one thing, but in reality something else entirely

Decoy, sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, carved interior

Ash tree trunk, chain hoist, gantry
156 x 16 x 15 inches
64 x 27 x 54 inches
re-carved carousel horse
42 x 40 x 14 inches
(re-)carved African drummer figure
10 x 5 x 26 inches
(re-)carved duck decoy
15 x 5 x 6 inches