Early Bond with Nature Yields Intricate Wood Carving Skills

Turning and Carving Wood into Detailed Sculptures

Gordon Pembridge wood carving African scene exterior and interior

Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and later moved to and studied in New Zealand. Both of these homes are reflected in his finely detailed wood sculptures.

His love for nature was first inspired in his native land and his creations demonstrate this love and his powers of observation as you can see in the African scene above.

Gordon Pembridge wood carving flamingos exterior

After finishing his basic schooling in New Zealand, Pembridge stayed there and went to art school. He is now a self-employed artist creating these wonderful artistic vessels.

Typically these vessels begin as debris from a storm. The trees are cut, then turned on a lathe. Using a high-speed engraver, Pembridge then brings to life scenes from Africa and New Zealand.

Sculptor Doesn’t Stop with Wood Carving

Once the carving is completed the artist paints each piece to a beautiful finish–both inside and out. Notice the reflections of the flamingos in the vessel above!

Gordon Pembridge wood carving blue interior

Gordon Pembridge wood carving interior reflects New Zealand experience

The inside of the piece above shows his connection to the flora of New Zealand.

The vessel below shows a clear mastery of the lathe, wood carving, as well as painting techniques.

Gordon Pembridge wood carving monarch butterfly

In addition to being a woodworker/sculptor/painter, Pembridge also works in graphic design, illustration, photography and other disciplines in design and fine art. He is also an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Gordon’s works are available for sale and he does accept commission. For more details go to his website: GordonPembridge.com


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