July 2024 Call for Artist

Summer is in full swing with this bakers dozen (13) opportunities for sculptors with these call for artists that have deadlines in July, 2024.

And don’t forget: be sure to also check out sculpture opportunities with June deadlines at our previous call for artists.

Kyle Drive Park Public Art

Raleigh, North Carolina

Summary: The City of Raleigh seeks to hire an artist to create public art at Kyle Drive Park. Artwork can be integrated into the planned amenities or artwork can be stand-alone in the park. Artwork should be nature-oriented.

Budget: $40,000

Deadline: 7/1/24

How to apply: SlideRoom (see link below)

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to individuals and teams who live or work in the United States. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Special Notes: Up to three semi-finalists will be selected to interview and paid a $100 honorarium.

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Art Currents 2024

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Summary: The Coeur d’Alene Arts Commission is encouraging artists to submit pieces that center on themes or interpretations of the Northwest in any form for the 2024-2026 term, with the added intention of appealing to the community. ArtCurrents provides high visibility outdoor gallery space for each piece chosen throughout high traffic streets, parks, and public spaces in town. These pieces enrich the beauty of our city landscape while providing exposure to the artist with the intent of selling the piece. The minimum size of the artwork must be 36” tall or larger, a three-dimensional, stand-alone piece, and must be designed and fabricated for long‐term outdoor durability and ease of maintenance, including potential vandalism. We look forward to artistic interpretation and creativity in this call.

Budget: $1,000.00 for the first year. A second stipend of $1,000.00 will be paid to the artists at the start of the second year, should the piece be retained for the collection.

Deadline: 7/1/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to all artists residing in the states of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon

Special Notes: The displayed art pieces will be offered for sale with the City of Coeur d’Alene receiving a 25% commission from the sale. In order to appeal to a wide range of buyers, art pieces should be valued at a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $25,000.

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Marina Waterfront Sculpture – RFQ

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Summary: The sculpture will be placed on the west corner of the Marina Walk facing Coronado Dr. Designs can range in size, but the base should not exceed 7’ in dimeter. Maximum height is 15’ with the base. Please keep in mind daily Florida heat can exceed 90 degrees in the summer, sometimes with 100% humidity. Our area also has weekly thunderstorms in the summer as well as occasional tropical storms and hurricanes. Structures should be designed and built to withstand the elements (with the exception of hurricanes).

Budget: $75,000

Deadline: 7/1/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to professional artists residing in U.S.

Special Notes: Artwork installation: Summer 2025

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Palisade Art Vision, PAV, 9th Annual Public Sculpture Exhibit

Palisade, Colorado

Summary: PAV was formed in 2015 by a group of local citizens and artists to promote and embrace “Art as a part of everyday life.” PAV envisioned an outdoor sculpture program to promote a visible aesthetic voice and to supplement the agritourism of Palisade. With the collaboration of the Town of Palisade, Palisade Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, art galleries and artists, PAV has grown from four temporary pieces to over fifteen sculptures and has purchased or sold a dozen of the exhibited sculptures.

Budget: Stipend depends upon size, see notes below

Deadline: 7/9/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Regional artists who have some connection to Colorado.

Special Notes: We are looking for three sizes: Small, $350 stipend, (11″ base or smaller) for our wheelchair ramp. Pedestal, $600 stipend, (22″ base or smaller) for our metal and unique wine barrel pedestals. Larger sidewalk or plaza, $800 stipend, (mounted directly to the sidewalk or plaza).

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Cedar Park Annual Sculpture Garden Display

Cedar Park, Texas

Summary: Become an exciting part of Cedar Park by submitting your work for a year-long period of display in the Cedar Park Community Sculpture Garden. The City is accepting entries of large scale, free standing and interactive sculptures and welcomes all artists – professional, amateur and student.

Budget: successful entries selected for display will receive a cash stipend which includes 1) $2,000 First Prize, 2) $1,500 Second Prize 3) $1000 Third Prize.

Deadline: 7/12/24

How to apply: mail or email, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: The City will accept entries of large scale, free standing and interactive sculptures, and welcomes all artists- professional, amateur and student. Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration. All works must be of original design and execution and must be available for installation during the designated installation period (Oct. 7-14, 2024). At the end of the loan period, the City will consider selecting a piece to purchase for inclusion as part of the City’s permanent collection.

Special Notes: Should the artist wish to sell their piece, artist contact information will be provided to interested parties, however, all transactions must be handled by the artist themselves. In the event that the art piece is purchased during the 1 year loan period, the piece must remain on display until the end of
the loan period

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Brighton Volunteerism Sculpture

Brighton, Colorado

Summary: The Brighton Cultural Arts Commission is requesting proposals from professional artists to design and install a sculpture in Carmichael Park. The theme of the sculpture is to celebrate the many volunteers that serve the Brighton Community. The volunteers include city boards and commissions, city council members, and the many service organizations that work in the Brighton Community. The sculpture will be of monumental size.

Budget: $65,000

Deadline: 7/12/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Professional artists from Colorado and the Western Region are eligible for this call.

Special Notes: The selected artists will be invited to an interview. The interview will include a presentation of a detailed mock-up of the suggested sculpture. The presentation shall include the cost of the sculpture, including installation. The interview will be scheduled for the week of August 5, 2024. A travel stipend will be provided to finalists.

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Walnut Park Library RFQ

Woodland, California

Summary: The County of Yolo and Yolo County Library, in an effort to further their community vision to create a more visually pleasing environment, is seeking permanent works of public art to be integrated into the Walnut Park Library in Woodland, CA. Three publicly accessible areas of the facility have been identified by the Art Advisory Committee for public art enhancements within the budget guidelines of this project. These are considered the most suitable for placement of artwork to aesthetically enhance the project for the staff and visitors of the library.

Budget: $105,653

Deadline: 7/12/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to experienced professional artists or artist teams in the Western United States. Special consideration will be given to local artists and the application process will give artists the opportunity to describe their connection to the Davis community.

Special Notes: A group of 3-5 artists will be selected and paid a $750 stipend to provide site-specific proposals.

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Art in Public Buildings RFQ: University of Wyoming Student Housing Project

Laramie, Wyoming

Summary: Artists are asked to submit the required documents and images to demonstrate their interest and expertise. For images and identified locations for artwork, visit the Wyoming Arts Council website. 

Budget: $90,000

Deadline: 7/12/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident and a minimum of 18 years of age.

Special Notes: Applicant must be willing to travel for presentations if selected as a finalist.

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Public Art for Employee Recognition Which Includes Elements of the Existing Monument

Kissimmee, Florida

Summary: Mission Statement: o preserve and honor the memory of the men and women who have served our community through being employed by the City of Kissimmee, Kissimmee Utility Authority, and Toho Water Authority and memorialize their dedication and service.

The current Employee Monument at City Hall has been a structure to honor retirees and memorialize employees who have passed. The structure is at capacity, but the City has dedicated that piece of property for any such future recognition method. Management of COK, Toho, and KUA have tasked a Committee with designating this recognition. This committee has decided that a new memorial piece will be put in the monument’s place, but, the committee as well as their surveyed peers agree that the old monument should be repurposed in some way.

Budget: Approximately $45,000

Deadline: 7/13/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The selected artist must send the weight of sculpture and specific installation instructions. 

Special Notes: The main considerations are durability, ability to unite the 3 entities, site appropriateness, and ability to be timeless. This piece of art will need to not be affected by the passage of time or change in fashion.

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Art Lab at Discovery Green

Houston, Texas

Summary: On behalf of Discovery Green Conservancy, Weingarten Art Group invites Greater Houston-based artists, architects, and designers to submit qualifications for participation in a pioneering public art incubator program called Art Lab (https://www.discoverygreen.com/artlab).

Art Lab marks a pivotal moment in Discovery Green’s renowned public art program which is known for engaging artists from around the world to create site-specific and interactive temporary installations. As a scalable public art incubator, Art Lab aims to reshape the landscape of public art in Houston by supporting local underrepresented artists, fostering diversity and spurring innovation within our community.

Budget: $7,000 (Each Art Lab Fellow will be granted an honorarium of $4,500 for participation and for development of a design proposal (Sept 2024-January 2025). A travel allowance of $2,500 will be provided to cover a 3-4 night stay in Brooklyn for the visit to Jen Lewin’s Studio.)

The total project budget for the 2025 Pop-Up installation is $80,000, inclusive of installation costs incurred by Discovery Green Conservancy and necessary service providers. If selected for the 2025 Pop-Up installation, an Art Lab Fellow will receive continued and dedicated support from Weingarten Art Group and Metalab to manage the project and budget.

Deadline: 7/14/24

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: Art Lab is open to those over 18 years of age residing and working in the Greater Houston area (within a 75-mile radius of central Houston) who:

Special Notes: Two Fellows will be selected for the inaugural year of Art Lab, which runs September 2024 through January 2025.

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21c Research Triangle, Cincinnati

Summary: Each year, an open-call application is made available in each of the seven active partner cities. Supporting artists equitably is a critical part of the Artadia Award process: we consider the unique populations of each community and are proud to reflect our country’s diversity with an Awardee pool that is over 50 percent female and over 40 percent persons of color. The Artadia Awards provide financial support, exposure and recognition to artists. The awards are unrestricted, allowing artists to use the funds in any way they choose.

Budget: $15,000

Deadline: 7/15/24

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be currently living and working within the city’s eligible counties and resided there for at least two years prior to the application deadline.

Special Notes: A second jury, assembled by Artadia, made up of one juror from the application review and one new juror conducts virtual studio visits with each Finalist for 45 minutes.

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Juried Outdoor Sculpture Competition

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Summary: Three locations around the City of Fredericksburg, VA have been selected for the display of public sculpture from October, 2024 to September, 2025. Works over six feet in height given preference.

Budget: Stipend of $2000 (each)

Deadline: July 15, 2024

How to apply: mail or email, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: All are welcome to submit proposals.

Special Notes: After juried review of the submitted materials, three finalists and one alternate will be invited to participate.

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Paragon Star: The Troll Under a Bridge

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Summary: The troll sculpture should be family-friendly and evoke a sense of whimsy and imagination. It should resonate with the spirit of adventure and playfulness. While drawing from the Fremont Troll’s iconic presence, the sculpture should reflect a softer and more approachable demeanor akin to the creatures found in “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Budget: A design stipend of $15,000 will be awarded to the chosen artist upon selection of their proposal. Materials and construction costs will not need to be included in the stipend and will be considered separately.

Deadline: 7/15/24

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open nationally to all professional artists and artist teams, though the project advisory panel may have a preference for locally-based artists and artist teams.

Special Notes: While all proposals will be reviewed, projects under 10’ in height will get the lowest consideration.

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