July Call for Artists Start Off with a Bang

15 call for artists from coast to coast. Deadlines of July 1 – July 15 start July’s opportunities for sculptors off with a bang. Good luck and happy sculpting!

There are still a few active Call for Artists in our last post. Click here to see those calls and scroll to the bottom (we do our best to put them in chronological order within each post–but double check as we don’t rearrange them if dates change after we post!)

Napa Lighted Art Festival 2021

Napa, CA

Summary: We encourage artists and designers from all disciplines to submit and be part of the 2021 Napa Lighted Art Festival. Both artists and artist collaborative groups are encouraged to apply to have an installation featured at the Napa Lighted Art Festival. For 2021, approximately 15 installations are being sought.

Artists interested in submitting a proposal should consider both the audience and the outdoor environment of the festival when proposing a project. Each artwork on the Napa Lighted Art Festival will be open and operational for all festival hours for each of the nine nights.

Budget: $2,000-4,500

Deadline: 7/1/20, 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This is an open call. Artists and designers from all disciplines are encouraged to submit and be part of the festival.

Special Notes: Please note, we found discrepancies in deadlines. In some places it states July 1 in others it says Sept 1.

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City of Redlands Public Art Project

Redlands, CA

Summary: The city of Redlands, California is seeking proposals from sculptors for its Public Arts Program. Selected sculptures will be scattered throughout the city of Redlands. Sculptures will be displayed on temporary loan for two years, creating a dynamic rotating collection of public art around the city. The Redlands Public Art Project will include a printed walking, biking, and/or driving tour of the sculptures and a mobile-friendly online tour with artists discussing their work.

Budget: $2,000

Deadline: 7/1/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This is a national call

Special Notes: Artists who will participate in the Redlands Public Art Project will be exposed to thousands of visitors each year and the work will be offered for sale at the end of the two-year period.

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HeART and Sole of Downtown Batesville Our Town Public Art Project

Batesville, IN

Summary: Our Town Public Art is a subcommittee of Batesville Area Arts Council’s (a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization) NEA Our Town Grant – HeART and Sole of Downtown Batesville. We are seeking qualified artists or artist teams to create outdoor permanent art projects for multiple locations in downtown Batesville.

Our Town Batesville Public Art seeks qualified artists to design and create exterior art projects for a series of locations in downtown Batesville. The artwork will enhance the overall character and atmosphere of the downtown core and support a welcoming environment. The design of each project should take into consideration the location of the wall, the architecture of the structure, the viewing angles of the surface and the impact on the surrounding area.

Budget: $50,000

Deadline: 7/1/20, 5:00 PM CST

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Local, regional and national artists and designers are invited to submit design ideas. Any amateur or professional artist or designer age 18 and older is eligible to apply.

Special Notes: At least one art installation is planned before September 1, 2021.

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Sunset Park (deadline extended)

West Palm Beach, FL

Summary: The City of West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (“AiPP”) Committee requests qualifications from professional artists and/or professional artist teams to create a standalone artwork for Sunset Park. The selected artist(s) and/or team(s) will create an artwork that will contribute to the character of the park. The work should be serene, peaceful, and meditative in nature. Artists do not need to have public art experience.

Budget: $65,000

Deadline: July 2, 2020, 11:59pm EST (previous deadline was May 25)

How to apply: Applications must be submitted as one package digitally to aipp@wpb.org

Eligibility Requirements: Open to professional visual artists, as defined in the City of West Palm Beach Code of Ordinances, in South Florida Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade Counties. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Special Notes: Diameter of foundation if applicable may not to exceed 17

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City of Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

Cedar Park, TX

Summary: The City of Cedar Park is putting out a call for art for its annual sculpture garden display. The City is looking for sculptors to submit up to three submissions for consideration by the City of Cedar Parks Parks, Arts, and Cultural Enrichment (PACE) Board.

Budget: A $400 stipend will be paid to defer the delivery, set up, and removal costs.

Deadline: 7/03/2020

How to apply: by mail or email, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: The call for art is open to all artists – professional, amateur, and students

Special Notes: Since its creation in October 2013, the Sculpture Garden has been a treasured cultural asset in the Cedar Park community. Sculptures on display in the garden have previously sold both to private collectors and have been purchased by the City for its permanent collection

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Ocala Cultural Arts – Public Art Roster

Ocala, FL

Summary: The City of Ocala Public Artist Roster is a pre-qualified list of professional visual artists that serves as a resource for public art selection and commission at the City and as a reference for external organizations and private entities.

The Roster may be used in combination with an open call, invitational or as the sole resource for identifying appropriate artists/teams for select projects based on; an expedited selection process, need for a specific skillset, or a curated opportunity. For each project, qualifications of the artists will be reviewed by the Ocala Municipal Art Commission and recommended for final approval by City staff.

Applications from the call are reviewed on the artist’s experience and portfolio. Previously accepted roster artists may update their portfolio materials each year during the application period.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: 7/3/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: professional visual artists who live in the United States or have the legal ability to work in the United States

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Orange County Multi-Cultural Center (MCC)

Orlando, FL

Summary: The Orange County Public Art Review Board seeks one or more artists or artist team(s) to develop artwork for the Orange County Multi-Cultural Center Phase II development. The Orange County Multi-Cultural Center is located in Pine Hills one of Orlando’s first suburbs developed in the early 1950’s. This community is a diverse tapestry of world cultures from the Caribbean Islands to Asia and defined by family, faith, pride and resiliency.

Budget: $48,500

Deadline: 7/5/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to professional artists working in any appropriate media.  Student artists may apply if they can secure an experienced public artist to serve as a mentor to oversee their work.

Special Notes: Possibilities include, but not limited to: Art and images embedded in walls and floors Suspended 3D art and use of light Free-standing sculpture Kinetic sculpture Mosaic Mural

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Out of Order Online Auction

Baltimore, MD

Summary: As a result of the pandemic sweeping our nation, Maryland Art Place (MAP), like so many, has been forced to rethink, retool and re-imagine its programming. This year marks the 23rd year of Maryland Art Place’s (MAP’s) signature exhibition event “Out of Order” (OOO). MAP is very excited to announce that it will still be holding Out of Order, only this year it’s virtual! MAP will launch the auction and make it available to anyone on an electronic device for free!

As one of Baltimore’s longest standing consecutive contemporary exhibitions, Out of Order has successfully continued to stay relevant and fun. Last year (2019) 289 artists participated in OOO and MAP sold 133 works of art. MAP aims to exceed these figures this year due to the event’s virtual reach, and also because this year OOO is open for bidding for an entire week as opposed to one evening.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: 7/06/2020

How to apply: Google Docs or by email if you don’t have a Gmail account (see link below for more information)

Eligibility Requirements: insert

Special Notes: There is a limit to one submission per artist. There is no submission fee for artists this year

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Trades District Parking Garage Public Art

Bloomington, IN

Summary: The City of Bloomington, through the Bloomington Arts Commission, seeks an artist or artist team to create a unique, durable, site-specific artwork at the Trades District Parking Garage located near downtown Bloomington. The Trades District is a modern, sustainable urban redevelopment designed to nurture creativity and entrepreneurship among its citizens and workforce. It seeks to promote Bloomington as a lively tech and innovation hub and provide living options for Bloomingtonians.

Budget: $75,000

Deadline: 7/8/20, 5pm

How to apply: mail or email, see link below.

Eligibility Requirements: All professional visual artists, designers, and architects, 18 and over, are invited to submit qualifications.

Special Notes: One of the City’s objectives for the One Percent for the Arts Program is to encourage artists new to the public art process to consider this opportunity

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Main Beach Parking Lot Railing Replacement

Deerfield Beach, Fl

Summary: The Public Art Committee is looking for designs and plans that focus on Oceanic Awareness. The impact of humans on the Ocean and the lifeforms contained within and the effect that has on our daily lives. The Public art Committee is also looking for a secondary design and plans that each artist or artist team freestyles based on research of the City of Deerfield Beach and the local area where the replacement will take place.

Budget: $95,000

Deadline: 7/10/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This Call is open to all artists in the Tri County (Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade) who’s body of work and skills or combined skillset are proven for a project of this magnitude and type.

Special Notes: The Goal is to receive two distinct submissions per applicant, one in line with the theme and one artist choice. The materials, design and palette must stand up to the harsh salt air environment at this oceanfront location and be amenable to ongoing maintenance.

In addition to a total railing replacement, the artist or artist team must include kinetic features or components as part of the overall design.

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Harbor Park

San Diego, CA

Summary: As part of the Port’s Chula Vista Bayfront Park development, this is a unique opportunity for artists to create innovative and engaging permanent public artworks on Port tidelands.

Budget: $195,000

Deadline: 7/11/20, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

How to apply: Slideroom

Eligibility Requirements: This national call is open to artists working in the United States.

Special Notes: Artists should consider the bayfront landscape and the interactions between people.

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Sweetwater Park

San Diego, CA

Summary: As part of the Port of San Diego’s Chula Vista Bayfront project, Sweetwater Park will be established as a new Port park along the Chula Vista waterfront.

Project Goals:

  • Explore the interaction between natural and urban landscapes
  • Enhance public awareness of, and respect for the surrounding ecological features of the park including natural cycles, systems, and habitat patterns
  • Explore scale and movement of pedestrians throughout the park

Budget: $80,000

Deadline: July 11, 2020, 11:59 pm Pacific Time

How to apply: Slideroom

Eligibility Requirements: Open to professional artists who legally reside in Southern California coastal counties including Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County

Special Notes: Artists should consider the influence of the natural landscape, local ecological features, and movement of pedestrians.

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SD Practice

San Diego, CA

Summary: The City of San Diego (City) is seeking applications from interested qualified artists to have their existing artworks considered for purchase by the City. The initiative, officially titled “SD Practice,” is designed to support local artists through the direct purchase of existing artworks while also diversifying the holdings of the City’s Civic Art Collection.

Budget: Artists must establish the price for the artworks they are offering for sale. Prices must be commensurate with the artist’s recent sales. Proof of recent sales may be required. Artwork must be available for immediate purchase. There is no minimum or maximum price restrictions placed on the artworks submitted. However, it is anticipated that purchases may commonly range in price from $500 – $25,000.

Deadline: 7/13/20

How to apply: San Diego’s online portal

Eligibility Requirements: Any living artist legally residing in San Diego County(2) is eligible to submit application. Individuals with conflicts of interest are not eligible for contract award under this solicitation.

Special Notes: Any artist selected to enter into contracts with the City may be asked to obtain, at the artist’s sole cost and expense, a City of San Diego business tax license.

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University of Illinois CE Hydrosystems Laboratory – Request for Direct Purchase

Urbana-Champaign, IL

Summary: The Art in Architecture (AIA) Program of the University of Illinois Facilities & Services is pleased to announce a Request for Direct Purchase of Artwork (RDPA). Professional artists are invited to submit images of available work to be considered for the permanent original public art at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Budget: $100,000. The budget to cover the artwork shall be as follows: Location “A & C” shall not exceed $20,000 each and Location “B” shall range between $60,000 – $80,000, with a total budget for all three locations and not exceed $100,000.

Deadline: 7/14/20, 4pm

How to apply: email, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: This Call to Artist is open to all professional artists, artisans or artist-led teams currently residing and legally permitted to work the United States.

Special Notes: Theme: A celebration of all Civil and Environmental Engineering and the creation of the advanced infrastructure of the world around us with subtle nod to water.

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Toledo Summit St Public Art Project

Toledo, OH

Summary: The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s Art in Public Places Program in partnership with ProMedica seeks to commission public art for a new construction project along the Summit Street corridor in Downtown Toledo. We are seeking to commission work that celebrates the culture of The City of Toledo; its history, our present growth and what the future can look like.

Budget: $175,000

Deadline: 7/15/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to all artists in the United States of America, age 18 and over, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability. Artist teams are eligible to apply, including teams of artists from multiple disciplines.

Special Notes: Toledo will be host to the Solheim Cup in August of 2021 and is anticipating 150,000 visitors to our community.  All work is required to be completed by June 2021. 

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