Landmark Sculpture Call for Artists

Ringling Boulevard Roundabout Sculpture RFQ

It seems fitting that a road named for a circus company would have a ring with an attraction in it, right?

Ringling Road Sculpture Call for Artists

Summary: The City of Sarasota, Florida is sponsoring an outdoor landmark sculpture for placement within a future roadway roundabout at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Ringling Boulevard in a downtown location. This project is related to a new public art initiative that is focused on acquiring public works of art that will be permanently displayed in numerous roundabouts that will be constructed during the next decade.

Budget: $150,000.00

Deadline: June 5, 2016

How to apply: via CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: To compete in this design competition, an artist must have successfully completed other public commissions of a similar scale and budget.  An artist must also have a successful track record of producing outdoor artworks that can withstand Florida’s environment and climate.

Special Notes: There is no stated stylistic preference; a full spectrum of high quality outdoor sculpture is anticipated to be of interest to the City.

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For more general information about Sarasota’s Public Art program, or want to see past works that are in the City’s public art collection.