Last Call for Artists 2023!–UPDATED 12/21/23

Dec 21, 2023 we have added one call that has extended its deadline and was on an earlier post.

Fourteen call for artists round out the art season for 2023 with deadlines December 16-31. This month there are a variety of opportunities for sculptors of all experience levels and all regions of the US.

Also check out sculpture opportunities with deadlines in the first half of December.

South Side Sanctuary Bronzeville Past, Present, Future Design Call

Bronzeville, Illinois

Summary: This design call is for a commission bringing public art to life on 47th and King Drive at the South Side Sanctuary. Representative of the community’s culture, connection, and history, the art created will be a physical embodiment of the neighborhoods soul. The South Side Sanctuary pays homage to the ones that built Bronzeville, calls community members of the present to come together, and inspire the future of the community.

Awarded artist will be commissioned to design interior/exterior fencing and stage panels throughout the plaza.

Budget: The awarded artist will be paid $15,000 alongside with programming opportunities throughout the project. 

Deadline: 12/17/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is available to all Chicago-based artists.

Special Notes: Event Dates: 4/1/24 – 1/1/27

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BNA – Concourse D Extension: Circular Node

Nashville, Tennessee

Summary: This is an opportunity for artist-teams to create terrazzo floor designs for the Node located at the end point of the Concourse D Extension. The artwork will be accessible to all BNA guests passing, boarding or awaiting flights in D Concourse (post-security), allowing BNA passengers, employees and guests the opportunity to enjoy the artwork. The art zone is an outer circular ring that measures 20’-0” in width, 96’-0” in diameter from one edge to the other, and 4778 SF in area.

Budget: $75,000

Deadline: 12/18/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This call is open to artists and artist-teams living in Tennessee. Applicants must have successfully completed at least one art commission (public or private) within the past five years. It is preferred for artists to have direct experience with a terrazzo floor design/installation, but not mandatory.

Special Notes: Artists should expect several site visits to BNA.

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Family Violence Shelter & Protection Center – AIPP Project

Austin, Texas

Summary: The City of Austin Art in Public Places program (AIPP) seeks to commission a professional visual artist or artist-led team, to design and fabricate an exterior installation as a place for reflection, peace and restoration integrated within the secured lawn area of the site.

One or more Austin-based artists will have the opportunity to create an artwork installation situated within the exterior lawn area inside the secure perimeter of the site. The ultimate artwork experience could be a graceful statement that informs or reflects the landscape as an intentionally designed calming space. Aesthetic elements should contribute to feelings of emotional safety, hope and comfort.

Budget: $70,000

Deadline: 12/19/2023

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: Austin-area artists and makers skilled in creating sculptural work encouraged to apply. This opportunity is limited to Austin-based visual artists who reside in the seven counties bounding the Austin metro area (Travis, Hays, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell, Burnet, and Blanco counties) and who are at least 18 years of age.

Special Notes: Artists who have more than three permanent artworks represented in the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places public art collection; artists who currently are under contract with the City of Austin for a permanent Art in Public Places project; and artists who have completed an AIPP project within the past year are ineligible to apply. Artists living outside of the Austin-area as defined above are ineligible for this opportunity.

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ESB Mexican American Cultural Center

Austin, Texas

Summary: Interested artists submitting qualifications should approach the opportunity with an open mind and should not attempt to propose new conceptual designs at this phase. Site-specific parameters will be shared at a later phase with artists and artist-led teams who are shortlisted and invited to interview.

Budget: $190,000

Deadline: 12/19/2023

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to Texas artists or artist-led teams who are at least 18 years of age and have demonstrated experience creating work in three-dimensions (3-D), sculpture, stone, large-scale ceramic, cast or forged metal or other permanent materials. Moreover, artists must have lived experience with or relating to Mexican American culture and heritage in central Texas.

Special Notes: A three to five-member selection panel comprised of visual arts professionals and community representatives will review all submissions meeting the minimum qualifications. Up to five artists or artists-led teams may be shortlisted and invited to submit a proposal and interview for a fee of $1,000.

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Palmer Events Center

Austin, Texas

Summary: The City of Austin Art in Public Places program (AIPP) seeks to commission a professional visual artist or artist-led team to design and fabricate a site-specific artwork that enhances the interior second-story space of the Palmer Event Center. The artwork is intended to provide an aesthetic enhancement for an interior wall spanning the length of a narrow walkway of approximately 90 linear feet and extending upward about 20 feet.

Artists and makers skilled in working with analog and digital technologies, creating sculptural work in ceramics, glass, carved wood, and metal are encouraged to apply. Experience creating permanent artwork is a requirement. Only one commission will be awarded for this opportunity.

Budget: $400,000

Deadline: 12/19/2023

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to visual artists who reside throughout the United States. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Special Notes: Up to five artists or artist-led teams may be shortlisted, invited to interview and submit a proposal for a fee of $1,500.

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2024-2026 Sculpture Walk Peoria

Peoria, Illinois

Summary: Sculpture Walk Peoria is currently accepting submissions for an outdoor sculpture exhibition running 2024-2026. Sculpture Walk Peoria is a biennial, juried, outdoor exhibit offering local, regional, national and international sculptors opportunities to showcase and sell their creations, while enhancing the cultural environment of Peoria and providing opportunities to educate the public. All sculptures are to be for sale. Since its inception, Sculpture Walk Peoria has sold 14 sculptures. 

Sculptures are owned by the artist and loaned to the exhibit from May 18, 2024 through March of 2026.

The sculpture must be for sale and the artist must price the work. The Sculpture Walk Peoria program will receive a commission of 25% of the sales price for any sculpture sold during the exhibition.

Budget: The Honorarium is $4,500 dollars,

Deadline: 12/22/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all artists over 18.

Special Notes: Entry Fee $30.00

All sculptures must be installed between May 1 and May 17, 2024 for the opening event on May 18, 2024. Artists must de-install and remove their artwork on an agreed date during the month of March 2026.

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Orange County’s Innovation Lab—RFQ

Pine Hills, Florida

Summary: The Orange County Public Art Review Board seeks one or more artists or artist team(s) to develop artwork for Orange County’s Innovation Lab located in the well-established suburb of Pine Hills.

Orange County’s Innovation Lab is one of the ways that Orange County is heating up STEM Programs with Art, creating STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Budget: $77,600; Finalist Design Stipend:  $800

Deadline: 12/27/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to professional artists working in any appropriate media.  Student artists may apply if they can secure an experienced public artist to serve as a mentor to oversee their work.

Special Notes: Possibilities for Public Art include, but are not limited to: Suspended 3D Art and Use of Light; Kinetic Sculpture; Art Embedded in Walls and Floors

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University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine

Salt Lake City, Utah

Summary: Professional artist and artist teams are invited to submit letters of interest and qualifications for the creation of site-specific artwork(s) at the University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine.

The Art Selection Committee is seeking artists who understand the value and role of the School of Medicine. Artwork should be specific to the medical center and reflect the innovation and discovery encouraged by the University’s health sciences programs. 

The design of the building provides many opportunities for the integration of artwork into the architecture and site. The Selection Committee is open to artist suggested sites, and has also identified several locations that could accommodate public artworks

Budget: $366,000

Deadline: 12/29/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This project is open to professional artists and artist teams; artists who belong to a historically underrepresented population are strongly encouraged to apply. Utah artists will be given additional weight in the selection process. Applicants must have a U.S. Tax ID Number (SSN, EIN, ITIN, or other).

Special Notes: Semi-finalists will be asked to present a full proposal to the committee in Spring 2024 to include concept, budget, and timeline. All semi-finalists will be awarded an honorarium to help defray the costs of the development of the proposal.

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Art Exposed ReVision Florence– Added 12/21/23

Florence, Oregon

Summary: The City of Florence is pleased to invite emerging, mid-career, and established artists to submit work to the Public Art Committee’s program, Art Exposed, a rotating outdoor art gallery. Florence is offering artists an opportunity to display their work on a .7-mile stretch of Highway 101, called ReVision Florence, for a two-year period. The Committee, since its inception in 2015, has installed 23 pieces of art

Budget: Artists will receive a stipend of $1,500 to display their work for two years.

Deadline: 11:59pm Mountain, 12/29/23 (previously deadline was 12/15/23 this change has been confirmed with organizers)

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: All artists must be over eighteen (18) years old to be eligible

Special Notes: (Entry Fee): $25.00

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Palm Springs Pride Art Installation

Palm Springs, California

Summary: Seeking an artist to create an installation designed to meet the vision/mission to commemorate, honor, and celebrate local LGBTQ+ community members and allies who have had a profound, significant, and positive impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ residents of Palm Springs and the Greater Coachella Valley. This art installation celebrates the contributions of hundreds of individuals. A key component will be the framing and highlighting the names of these honorees. Assume at least 500 individuals will be honored.

The art installation will be constructed in a location of significance to bring attention to the importance and history of LGBTQ+ and allies within Palm Springs and the Greater Coachella Valley. The ideal location will be in a heavily-trafficked, prominent public gathering place in Palm Springs where the community can unite and celebrate its past, present, and future.  It will be a venue for memorials and other events, and it must be accessible 24 hours a day by car and on foot.  

The artists‘ proposals should include costs for all materials, fabrication, exterior finishes, transportation, installation, structural engineer, insurance, and artist’s fee.

Budget: $500,000

Deadline: 12/30/2023

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This is an open call for artists, with preferential treatment to those connected to the Palm Springs area and the Greater Coachella Valley.

Special Notes: Artists from all backgrounds and all levels of experience and engagement are encouraged to submit an art installation design. The competition is open to all ideas, formats, and media that may be proposed.

Artists should consider the materials they will use that will be compatible with Palm Springs weather, which can reach 119 degrees in the summer

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MuncieArts Requests Qualifications for Public Art Projects

Muncie, Indiana

Summary: The following open Requests for Qualifications will be used to generate a pool of prequalified artists for current and future public art projects in the City of Muncie. Outdoor public artworks, including sculpture, installation, and murals are being planned through 2024, with project budgets ranging between $5,000 to $150,000.

Budget: budgets ranging between $5,000 to $150,000

Deadline: 12/31/2023

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: The call is open to all practicing artists, artist teams, and visual art professionals at least 18 years of age who reside in the United States and territories, as well as international artists with legal authorization to work in the United States. Artists residing in the state of Indiana are strongly encouraged to apply.

Special Notes: Accepted applications will be kept on file in a pre-qualified pool until December 31, 2024. Acceptance to the pre-qualified pool does not guarantee that a project will be offered, though all pre-qualified artists will be considered.

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Southeast Community Center Pool Renovation

Kansas City, Missouri

Summary: The City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art program seeks to commission a professional visual artist or artist team based in the Kansas City area to design art for the Southeast Community Center pool renovation

2-5 semifinalist artists will be asked to propose designs. All semifinalist proposals must be designed to be installed on the pool’s west wall. The west wall is made of precast concrete panels and it measures approximately 30’ H x 58’ W. All art must fit within these dimensions. Semifinalists also will be instructed that art must fit within a standard doorframe, with assembly on-site as needed. Door frame dimensions and other pertinent dimensions will be provided to semifinalists. 

Budget: $24,000

Deadline: 12/31/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Eligibility is limited to professional visual artists at least 18 years of age based in the Kansas City Combined Statistical Area (CSA). The Kansas City CSA includes the Missouri counties of Andrew, Bates, Buchanan, Caldwell, Cass, Clay, Clinton, DeKalb, Jackson, Lafayette, Platte, Ray and the Kansas counties of Doniphan, Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, Wyandotte.

Special Notes: semifinalists will be paid a $1,000 design fee to develop proposals to present to the selection panel.

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CT AIDS Memorial

Hartford, Connecticut

Summary: The Shawn Lang Memorial Task Force is seeking artist qualifications to create the CT AIDS Memorial monument. The Task Force is named after Shawn Lang, a longtime CT advocate who spent her life fighting injustices. 

This outdoor public art installation should serve as motivation for the justice work ahead. It will be a piece that encourages our souls to be stirred as we step into the arena, and into the complex work of confronting the racial/social/political inequities in CT. It is public art for justice

Budget: $75,000-$175,000

Deadline: 12/31/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be experienced visual/sculpture/public art artists or artist-led teams. Preference will be given to artists residing in the state of Connecticut.

Special Notes: Applicant or Team must demonstrate an understanding of the intention to honor Shawn Lang’s style of public policy activism. Applicants will articulate in writing their passion for this process, recognizing that it is a call for art and a call for consciousness. 

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2024 Art in the Heart

Farmington, New Mexico

Summary: The mission of the Art in the Heart of Farmington, NM is to promote sculpture as a public art form that enhances Downtown Farmington and promotes artists from the four states of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. Up to 12 sculptures will be chosen by a juror to be displayed for up to one year and made available for sale.

Budget: Selected artists will receive a minimum of a $500 honorarium based on distance traveled. In addition, they will receive lodging for two nights and are invited to attend an artist’s reception in Farmington, New Mexico, details to be determined.

Deadline: 12/31/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Artists from any of the four states comprising the Four Corners region are eligible, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

Special Notes: (Entry Fee): $25.00

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Public Art Archive

Summary: This is a call for the inclusion of public art collections in the Public Art Archive™, an online database of public art. To be considered for inclusion, you must be a professional artist who has completed and installed public artwork, or an administrator of an established public art program. There is no charge to submit entries to the Public Art Archive™.

Public art is defined here as art that is sited in a public place that is accessible or viewable by the general public and was, in most cases, commissioned by a public art entity, typically using percent-for-art or public funding. Gallery art and art exhibited inside galleries and museums is not eligible. Works of art that were commissioned and/or gifted by corporations, museums, educational institutions, private parties, and other entities may be considered eligible. Artworks that have been destroyed are not eligible. Permanently cited, temporary, new media, performative, rotating, and portable works may be eligible if they meet the commonly known definition of public art or civic art. Visit the Public Art Archive™ to understand the scope of the subject and content for inclusion.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: rolling

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Public artworks and public art collections completed and installed within the last 100 years in the 50 United States and Canada may apply. These include: — Works by artists who have completed and installed publicly funded civic and public art projects. — Percent-for-Art programs and Art in Public Places programs with public art collections. — Public art agencies, public art foundations, sculpture parks, colleges and universities with publicly accessible public art collections. — Private and corporate-owned public art collections may be eligible if artworks are accessible and visible to the general public without any kind of fee.

Special Notes: Each applicant may submit up to 20 artworks.

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