Magical and Massive Kites Take Flight Indoors

Dramatic and Delicate, Amazing Bamboo and Paper Fantasies

Check out what is hanging around the Paris Le Bon Marche department stores:

Ai Weiwei massive kites

Like something out of the Never Ending Story, mythical creatures seem to fly through the air in Paris these days.

Filled with symbolism from various cultures, some viewers will understand certain nuances, while others will just float on by.

While most of the “kites” are indoors, there are also pieces displayed outdoors.

Made of bamboo and kite paper, the sculptures are huge and quite delicate. The white of the paper allows the skeleton created from bamboo to show. They combine to echo the coloring and framework in the department store itself.

Ai Weiwei kites 2

According to Ai Weiwei,

‘introducing the fantastic idea within a retail space strikes the imagination of customers, visitors and passersby. we all lead parallel lives in this other world of dreams, fantasies and fears. we must learn to coexist with them, as they are an integral part of our humanity; to embrace our mythology. children know how to do this naturally. this exhibition speaks to our inner child.’

Ai Weiwei kites 3

The sculptor is a contemporary Chinese artist, also known for his activism, although these pieces don’t seem to be as much controversial as they are amazing. Mostly representing ancient Chinese stories told to children, the scale alone is enough to inspire and bring viewers to awe.

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