Marble Sculptor Yoko Kubrick Draws Inspiration from Landscapes

Marble Sculptor Creates Abstract Works Inspired by Nature

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick

San Francisco based marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick moved to Pietrasanta, Italy in 2016 to live near the marble quarries and further develop her sculpture in marble.

Yoko’s current body of work explores organic forms and embody sensuality and connection with nature.

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick view 2

“My work is inspired by the landscapes my childhood in Guam, Hawaii, and California.  I am particularly drawn to shapes that emerge from plant life, land formations, and water movement; the curve of a petal, the ridge of a mountain, the flow of the sea.”

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick view 3

Yoko is a self-taught artist who has previously worked in figurative sculpture and privately commissioned projects in bronze and sculptural jewelry in silver and gold.

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick pod view 1

She first fell in love with sculpture at the age of 11 when visiting her father’s family in Prague.

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick pod view 2

“My sculptures are the result of an intense reverence for nature, and a love of organic shapes that echo forms found in plants and water movement,”

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick 6

Yoko’s work can be found at San Francisco’s DZINE Gallery and Silicon Valley’s A.Space Gallery in Menlo Park, California.  She is available for privately commissioned sculpture.

marble sculptor Yoko Kubrick 7

You can see more of her work on Instagram @yokokubricksculptor or her website at

At Sculpture Digest, we appreciate the crisp lines that Kubrick is able to maintain in her marble sculpture. At the same time she is able to retain the feel of natural elements with increible, smooth, senuous lines. In this complicated simplicity she is able to to show off her lines as well as the feeling of nature, and patterning within the stone.

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