Michelangelo Sculptures Visit Colorado

Rare Chance to Get Into Sculptor Michelangelo’s Head

Read about this incredible opportunity for sculptors and art lovers to learn from one of the greatest

Michelangelo sculpture model

Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo’s Models

This is a rare opportunity for us to get into the head of the incredible sculptor, Michelangelo. This exhibition, Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo’s Models, is offered at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center in Pueblo, Colorado.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.  -Michelangelo

Note, these are not the sculptor’s original maquettes. Those are much to fragile for travel. Until recently it was nearly impossible for anyone to see them outside of Florence.

The science behind creating this replicas is amazing and may well be the way of the future for many sculptures. Rather than making a mold of the maquette, which could have damaged the originals, these were created using laser scanning and other 21st century technology.

The bozzetti provide insight to Michelangelo’s process and preparation for his sculptures.  The pieces which will be on display are Nudo Virile (David), Torso Virile (Louvre Slave), Dio Fluviale (River God), Due Lottatori (Two Wrestlers), Nudo Femminile (Female Nude), and Crocifisso (Crucifix).  It is believed that Michelangelo was nearly blind when he created the piece Crocifisso late in his career.

This exhibition runs now through May 29, 2016, with special “Touch Tuesday” opportunities to also have a tactile experience.

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