More June Call for Artists

14 more call for artists for June! These have deadlines June 12-30, 2023. As is often the case, some of these have opportunities for more than one sculptor. Read through these calls and find the one that most interests you, and apply today.

Be sure to also check out sculpture opportunities with deadlines in early June at our previous call for artists.

Interactive “Upside-Down House” Sculpture

Sunrise, Florida

Summary: seeking to commission an Artist or Artist team to create an interactive sculpture inspired by the “Upside-Down House”. This sculpture will be located in the City’s Village Art Plaza (Plaza) currently under construction, located at 2260 NW 68 Avenue, Sunrise. The sculpture should be inspired by the 1960s “Upside-Down House” which was a marketing strategy to drive traffic to Sunrise Golf Village. he sculpture doesn’t have to be a replica of the “Upside-Down House” but it must be representative of this historic landmark and it must be interactive, which is a form of art that involves the spectator either by letting the observer walk through or over/under the sculpture and/or invites the spectators become part of the artwork in some way.

Budget: $145,000 (plus stipend for shortlisted artists).

Deadline: 6/12/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: The project is open to all visual arts Professional Artists/Artist Teams in the United States.

Special Notes: The Call to Artists is expected to be conducted in two (2) phases. In the first phase, up to three (3) Artists or Artist teams will be shortlisted by the Selection Committee based on experience, credentials, style, and previous work. In the second phase, each shortlisted Artist or Artist team will receive up to a $1,500.00 stipend for the development of a detailed proposal with conceptual design options for the interactive sculpture.

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GLOW Canalside Celebration

Las Colinas, Texas

Summary: seeking artists for a variety of activations at the upcoming GLOW Canalside Celebration (October 20 & 21, 2023). GLOW is an evening celebration of light, sound, fire and water to be held in the Las Colinas Urban Center, focused on the Mandalay Canal District. Artists with new or existing pieces that thrive in the evening through light, sound, fire, or water (or a combination of one or more elements) are invited to submit. Emphasis will be placed on pieces that elevate the experience imagined in GLOW and on pieces that interact with the audience.

Budget: “starting at $21,000”

Deadline: 6/14/23 4pm Central

How to apply: Mail or electronically, see link below

Eligibility Requirements: This call for artists is open to any professional artist, art educator or team composed of the professionals listed.

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Sculpture for Historical Site

Windsor, Colorado

Summary: The Town of Windsor Arts Commission (WAC) is seeking an artist to design, fabricate, and install a three-dimensional artwork at the Historic Halfway Homestead, Windsor’s newest historical site and park. This site is currently under development with the goal of opening in the summer of 2024.

The WAC is seeking an artist to contribute a three-dimensional work to the site that will complement the theme of agricultural heritage while also adding visual interest to the site. The Town of Windsor predicts that the Historic Halfway Homestead will become a popular gathering place for the community and beyond and wants to showcase their new but rapidly-developing public art program.

Budget: $85,000

Deadline: 6/15/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Any artist living and working in Colorado is welcome to apply. Preference will be given to Northern Colorado artists

Special Notes: The WAC will endeavor to select artists from diverse racial, gender and cultural backgrounds.

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Spring 2023 Call for Artists

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Summary: The City of Fayetteville invites applications artists of all kinds to implement an activation, class, performance, or installation in the Lower Ramble during the months of July-December 2023. The activation should occur over most of a four-hour period or present an equivalent or greater display period of passive activation. A passive activation or installation must not extend longer than 90 days. The goal is to add artistic activations throughout the lower Ramble that engage a diverse public audience with locations in the Lower Ramble Park. 

Budget: $500 plus up to $350 in Materials

Deadline: 6/16/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions noted

Special Notes: Event Dates: 4/30/24 – 12/15/23 The theme is open, but the content must be appropriate for the season outdoors and for all members of the public. 

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Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center

Reno, Nevada

Summary: There are multiple locations that the City is interested in commissioning artwork for including the exterior north facing facade of the building, the interior main corridor, the outdoor soaking pool area, the entrance lobby, and the surrounding grounds (exact locations to be determined). Artwork may include sculpture, suspended art, mural, relief, and artistic lighting components. The Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center Public Art Project is an opportunity to create art across the facility and grounds that will function together with a cohesive, overarching vision.

This call for artists is looking to program 5 main areas with artwork. Each location is different and will require a unique approach. Artists and artists teams/artist-led design teams should take the following into consideration for each location:

Budget: $525,000

Deadline: 6/20/23

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: Artists age 18 or older may apply as an individual or a team, Must be available for on-site visit to Reno, Eligible applicants must reside in the United States

Special Notes: Finalists will be paid a stipend of $4000 and travel will be paid for up to two team members.

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TTU Centennial Sculpture

Lubbock, Texas

Summary: Texas Tech University (TTU), in partnership with the Texas Tech University Alumni Association (TTUAA), wishes to commission a professional artist to create site-specific exterior sculpture(s) to be placed in the Centennial Plaza on the TTU campus in Lubbock, TX.

In 2023, Texas Tech University (TTU) celebrates its Centennial anniversary. This commissioned artwork will celebrate this milestone anniversary for the university. The piece should celebrate the traditions of Texas Tech, including the Double T (old, new, or multiple versions of the Double T over the years), the Masked Rider, Matadors, Red Raiders, lyrics of the alma mater or Fight Song, scarlet and black, or the “Guns Up” hand sign.

Budget: $150,000 with a potential to increase up to $300,000.

Deadline: 3:00 PM, CDT, June 23, 2023

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: this is an open call

Special Notes: Original commission – see full RFQ online at for additional project details, as well any posted addenda to questions.

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Utah Valley University Engineering Public Art Call

Orem, Utah

Summary: A successful artwork proposal will convey and/or demonstrate principles of engineering and/or technology and may include a sustainability component, either in function or content. Examples might include basic machines (pulleys, incline plane, gears, etc.), kinetic work, demonstrations of scientific principles, work which references the geothermal energy source for the building’s mechanical system, work which highlights the structural elements or inner workings of the building, etc. Proposed artworks with an interactive element will be prioritized over static installations. The artwork may be singular or consist of multiple works which function together.
Proposed work should reflect and complement the engineering and technology mission of the building and those who use it.

Budget: $166,000

Deadline: 6/23/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Professional artists and artist teams are eligible for this commission. Utah artists and artists of a historically underrepresented population are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must have a U.S. Tax ID Number (SSN, EIN, ITIN, or other).

Special Notes: Artists should consider the building’s location in Utah Valley and propose work reflective of the region. Please review the building site plans and illustrations carefully and consider the unique possibilities afforded by the building’s design.

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Public Art Installation

Salida, Colorado

Summary: The Public Art Commission of Salida (PAC) in tandem with the City of Salida invites artists to apply for a call of a visual art piece in a pre-determined outdoor space in late-Fall 2023. The PAC is looking for a 3-D outdoor sculpture/work/installation that is contemporary and can be viewable from a distance. The selected artist’s or artist-lead team’s work will be installed in an outdoor location near a multi-use trail at an entrance to the downtown business sector and the Creative Arts District adjacent to an urban skate park and downtown section of Highway 291.

Commissioned or artist-owned work, if appropriate, will be considered. The selected artwork may not be duplicated within 200 miles of the site.

Budget: $60,000

Deadline: 6/23/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This call is open to all artists, but preference will be given to artists/artist teams including regional artists residing within 500 miles of Salida and who have the background, experience and reputation for completing such a project. Artists/artist team members must be at least 18 years of age, and legally residing and authorized to work in the United States.

Special Notes: Entry Fee: $20.00

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Ion Plaza Art Installation

Houston, Texas

Summary: Ion District requests qualifications and preliminary installation proposals from artists or artist teams to create a site-specific temporary installation on the Ion Plaza located within Ion District for six months, from March through September 2024.

The artwork should be interactive, engaging, playful and contain a lighting element. It should also have a presence during daylight hours.

Budget: $60,000

Deadline: 6/26/23

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: Open to Artists or Artist Teams residing in Texas

Special Notes: Interdisciplinary teams, innovative partnerships, new media, digital art, and interactive installation concepts are all encouraged and welcome. The art installation must be site-specific and created or repurposed for the context of Ion District.

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Art Competition: Art Fusion Galleries

St Petersburg, Florida

Summary: Online art competition for a chance to exhibit at Art Fusion Galleries in St Petersburg, Florida. There is a $35 Application fee, artists can submit multiple times

Budget: Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners for each medium.

  • 1st Place: One year of online representation, and a three month exhibition in our St. Petersburg gallery valued at $6,000.00 + cash prize.
  • 2nd Place: Two month exhibition of three artworks in our St. Petersburg gallery valued at $2,000.00 + cash prize.
  • 3rd Place: Two month exhibition of two artworks in our St. Petersburg gallery valued at $1,000.00 + cash prize.

Deadline: June 30, 2023

How to apply: online

Eligibility Requirements: All experiences welcome

Special Notes: Sculptures cannot exceed 8 ft.

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White River State Park Temporary Art in the Park Program

Indianapolis, Indiana

Summary: The primary purpose of this exhibition is to enhance the artistic and cultural opportunities within the State of Indiana and region. It is our hope that residents and visitors to Indiana’s capital city will appreciate and become engaged in the visual dialogue of these contemporary sculptures.

We are currently calling out for two sculptures that are available for installation: one to begin display on or after August 1st, and one on or after October 2nd, 2023. The length of time each piece is exhibited is 3 years.

Budget: Commission will pay up to a maximum of $5000 to help with transporting the sculpture to and from Indianapolis (mileage and receipts must be provided) as well as installation and removal of the piece in the Park. In addition, the Park will pay an honorarium of $5000.

Deadline: 6/30/23

How to apply: mail or email (see link below)

Eligibility Requirements: The program is open to any sculptor (18+) in Indiana or the Midwest.

Special Notes: The work must be constructed of materials able to endure the conditions of an outdoor exhibition. The sculptures must be suitable for public display and not present safety issues.

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Roundabout Public Art Project

Carson City, Nevada

Summary: seeking an artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install a free-standing, outdoor, original sculpture at the South Carson Street/South Stewart Street Roundabout (“Roundabout”). The City’s Public Art Panel will select a project to recommend to the Carson City Cultural Commission and Board of Supervisors through a two-phase process. Phase 1 evaluation will seek to establish a pool of up to three well-qualified artists or artist teams. Phase 2 evaluation will focus on evaluating detailed proposals for the Roundabout from the pool of artists or artist teams selected at Phase 1.

This Call to Artists seeks a public art piece for that roundabout that will celebrate our community and provide welcoming aesthetics to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists entering from all directions of the roundabout.

Budget: $190,000

Deadline: 6/30/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to professional artists or teams who are at least 18 years of age. Applicants must have public art project experience that matches the scope of the project and must have successfully managed and completed at least one large-scale commission on schedule and on budget.

Special Notes: The Public Art Panel will make recommendations to the Carson City Cultural Commission on its preferred artist and project based on the Phase 2 evaluations. The Cultural Commission will then make its own recommendation to the Carson City Board of Supervisors. The recommendations from the Public Art Panel and Cultural Commission will be presented to the Carson City Board of Supervisors, and the Board of Supervisors will make the final decision on which project will be selected, if any, and will approve any contract to be awarded to the selected artist. A decision rendered by Carson City shall be deemed final.

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Beach Blvd. Roundabout – Entry Sculpture Garden

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Summary: seeking proposals for a permanent structure that highlights the pedestrian friendly, beach life, and growing entrepreneurial spirit that is Jacksonville Beach. The Agency envisions this piece utilizing materials that all ages can engage with and enjoy, and an artist who is well versed in working within the elements of the site.

Budget: $150,000.

Deadline: 6/30/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: must be 18+, available to visit the site in person for potential client engagement during the period of the project in order to complete the design as per the project schedule.

Special Notes: Only artists with reviewable portfolios are eligible to submit a proposal.

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Willis Street Greenway Sculpture Exhibition

Kent, Washington

Summary: The City of Kent’s Sculpture Gallery is a juried, two year-long exhibition located in the newly renovated greenways along the north and south sides of Willis Street near the 4th Avenue roundabout. Two sculptures will be showcased along pedestrian pathways at this busy intersection that serves as a gateway to downtown Kent.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the selection committee and Arts Commission may select a sculpture or sculptures to be purchased for inclusion in the City of Kent’s permanent collection. This decision will be made spring/summer 2025 The maximum purchase budget is $10,000. There will also be a “People’s Choice” vote held online throughout the duration of the exhibition. The winning sculptor will receive a “$1,000 People’s Choice Prize.”

Budget: $3,000 each for two artists

Deadline: 6/30/23

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This call is open to professional artists or artist teams over the age of 18 residing in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana).

Special Notes: Consideration will be given to both existing sculpture and artwork proposals. Up to five sculptures can be submitted for consideration

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