More Than Just a Pretty Face

Discover What Lies Down Under Those Easter Island Heads


Most people are familiar with the giant carved faces on Easter Island. Known as Moai, there are more than 800 of these stone sculptures on the island.  Although there have been some sculptures that seemed to be complete bodies, most seem to be just heads or heads and shoulders.

Surprise! Below the surface we now know that entire bodies, covered with intricate carvings, exist.

Not many people get to see these fantastic sculptures in person as Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it is called by the people of the area, is over 2000 miles off the Chilean coast.

There are many mysteries that surround these immense carvings, including exactly who created them. Even more amazing is that the pieces were moved around the island.

Thanks to Art Fido for the alert and to wikipedia for this fascinating information.

And if you are wondering…we did look on Snopes which says, yes this is a true story.