National Geographic Sculpture Supports Artisans Around the Globe

Handmade Sculptures Art or Trinkets?

Novica, in association with National Geographic magazine has put up a site to help support artisans around the world.

They offer a variety of carvings from stone and wood as well as metal sculptures.

Created by artisans. Made byGoldfish by Eka hand. But is this art?

This Goldfish for example, is carved by Eka, who is from Bali, Indonesia. So you can buy a memory from Bali without having to travel there.

While you can feel good about helping to support artisans at a low cost, keep in mind you are not buying one of a kind pieces of artwork.

All things considered, if you like it and want to help, then go for it. Just know that you might see something very similar at a craft show, on many street corners, or in import stores.



What do you think? Are we being too harsh?