New Mexico Outposts Opportunity for Sculptors

Public Art Call for Artists (times 5!), Bernalillo County, NM

Summary: In this opportunity for sculptors, the Bernalillo County Arts Board solicits a call for artists to propose sketch ideas for “Outposts” outdoor sculptures to be located along highly visible avenues and boulevards within Bernalillo County. Five sculptures will be selected.

The purpose of the project is to create a public art trail that connects the five culturally different communities from the rural east mountains to the primarily agricultural South Valley, to the highly urban center of the city, the mixed-use north valley to the primarily residential on the west mesa. These areas are enhanced by natural features: the Sandia mountain range to the east, Inactive volcanoes to the west, and the north/south running Rio Grande river through the valleys. The Arts Board wishes to incorporate high quality art pieces that stimulate conversation about public art in this region that attracts cultural tourism to our community while also stimulating the creative economy.

Budget: The budget for each sculpture is $20,000.

Deadline: May 29, 2016

How to apply: via CaFE

Eligibility Requirements: Regional artists residing in NM, OK, UT, AZ, CO and TX are eligible.

Special Notes: The long-term scope of the project is to locate five sculptures in each of the five Bernalillo County districts for a total of 25 sculptures by 25 artists. This is the initial call for the first five sculptures.

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