Now That’s Some Screwy Art

Screw Art Sculpture by Andrew Myers

Screw Art Portrait of George Wurtzel by Andrew-Myers

You’ll be forgiven if you think this is a painting.

Well it is. And it isn’t.

This is a piece of “screw art” created by Andrew Myers.

This creative artist starts with drawing his subject on wood. That may not seem so unusual.

But this is when things get a little screwy…Andrew builds up his sculpture, not with clay, or wood, or stone…his tools are a impact driver and a box of…wait for it…yep, SCREWS!

Myers is taking ‘bas relief’ to a new level, don’t you think?

Andrew Myers creating screw art portrait of George Wurtzel

Once all the pieces are in position and at the appropriate depth, Myers then paints the screw heads.

Each one.


painting screw heads one by one


Andrew Myers painting screw heads on portrait of George Wurtzel

Like other works in the school of Pointillism, the effect upon stepping back from the, er, ‘canvas’, is amazing!

The final result is a sculpture/painting that is cool to look at, and is tactile as well.

This is especially rewarding for George, the subject of this painting as he is blind. With this portrait he can “see” himself and so can others.

George Wurtzel with his screw art portrait by Andrew Myers

The artist has created lots of other portraits as well. Some are cropped in tight, what he calls “Close Ups”…

screw art close ups by Andrew Myers

Other pieces are just funny. Yep he also has a sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In case you don’t believe that, be sure to check out his “About” page on his website.

Myers is a very talented sculptor, creating works in more traditional media as well as his screw art form such as ‘Idea Roadblock’ which is a cast bronze sculpture.

Idea Roadblock bronze sculpture by Andrew Myers


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