One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Sculpture

Discarded Tree Trunks and Branches Transformed into Wooden Sculptures

Wood Sculptures by Jae-Hyo LeeChinese sculptor, Jae-Hyo Lee takes woodworking to a new level. He gathers discarded wood and combines it with metal to create exquisite sculptures.

Some pieces are purely artistic, but Lee also creates functional pieces such as chairs and tables.

Wood Sculpture by Jae-Hyo Lee

Read how Lee is inspired by everyday wood rather than exotics:

“I make artworks with materials around me that I can manipulate. Usually those materials are from nature,” Lee, who lives in Yangpyeong with his artist wife Cha Jong Rye, says in a video profile about his work. When it comes to his wood sculptures, he usually forgoes expensive, rare trees in favor of scraps from cheap or abandoned specimens, explaining, “I believe you can get more of a ‘wow effect’ when you create a striking piece from everyday, common materials.”

To learn more about Lee’s work, read the complete article.

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Photos from Jae-Hyo Lee