Pumpkin Carving Fails

Who Says It Isn’t Art?

Everyone is a critic when it comes to art it seems. The art of pumpkin carving is no exception.

Some of the pumpkin carving fails we have seen flying around the internet this year seemed to just be the work of novices. We don’t view those as “fails” even when you can’t quite make out what they are supposed to be.

Attempts are an important part of creating.

Don’t let people intimidate you.

Be willing to take a risk.

Try something new and different.

That willingness to take chances and risk “failing” is a key trait of all creative people. And by creative people of course we mean artists, but it also includes inventors, scientists and a slew of others.

All levels of carvers are welcome at Sculpture Digest! We’d love to see what you have created, whether it is stellar, unique, a first time effort, and even when it missed the mark you set.

*Whew* Got that off my chest!

Now…having said all that, there are some things that are just wrong. (That’s us putting on our judging hat) and this has less to do with poor carving or inspiration.

pumpkin carving fail babyThe baby on the left looks happy. The baby on the right looks more likely. The one on the left was likely the inspiration, but if you are going to put your baby in a pumpkin make sure it is clean, dry and warm. Better yet, don’t put your baby in a pumpkin.

pumpkin carving fails pumpkin head

OK, let’s amend that…don’t put your baby in a pumpkin OR put a pumpkin on your baby.

pumpkin carving fails kidCan you see the trend here? This is just wrong on so many levels. Don’t wear a pumpkin on your head–and certainly don’t let your kid put it on hers. At least it is easier to release her from this then the time she got her head stuck between the banisters…

And now, going against the tide of child abusing pumpkin carving fails…the winner is–

pumpkin carving fail herpesYep, it is scary…but for all the wrong reasons.

That’s our 2 cents on the subject. Show us what you think are the pumpkin carving fails

Thanks to Jennifer Valdez at Bustle for the inspirational spooky article (even if we didn’t agree that they are all fails)

Images jess_v3 Pumpkin Head, Dollar Store Crafter (baby in pumpkin), and the Herpes pumpkin…well, we found it lots of places and are not sure whom to credit…cuz you know that stuff spreads