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Spaces Still Available for Incredible Opportunity to Carve Colorado’s Gorgeous Yule Marble

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Marble marble carving symposium

Since it was discovered in 1873, the beautiful white marble from Colorado, called Yule Marble, has been appreciated by sculptors and architects. It has clad the Lincoln Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknowns (you may know it as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), and various buildings and monuments across the country.

Marble mill site, Marble, Colorado

This precious marble is found only in the mountains of Colorado. Quarried inside the mountain, the stone has a smooth texture. This quarry is located in Marble, Colorado, and a special carving symposium happens there, called Marble/marble.

According to event organizer and sculptor, Madeline Wiener, the specific stone that is being delivered for this year’s participants has veins of gold in it. The stone is set to arrive Monday, May 23.

Yule Marble 2016 marble with gold veins

Welcome to MARBLE/marble, a place where carvers of all ages and abilities gather to create sculpture in a non-competitive, culturally diverse atmosphere of camaraderie and sharing. Get acquainted with artists from every corner of the globe—from India to Africa, Europe, China and Japan. Learn to sculpt under the guidance of world class artists and their team of highly skilled support staff.

Three sessions are offered every year. The dates are always the same, so mark your calendars even if you can’t attend this year. Participants may sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions.

1st Session JULY 2 – 9 • 2nd Session JULY 15 – 22 • 3rd Session JULY 29 – AUG 5

The workshops are an excellent opportunity to bond with other sculptors, learn new techniques and try out new tools. All in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. You don’t have to be an experienced carver to attend. All power tools that you need are provided, along with 3 cubic feet of the gorgeous Yule Marble in various shapes. And there are plenty of strong arms and backs to help you move your sculpture around.

Participants receive a block of beautiful Colorado Yule Marble, a fully-equipped outdoor carving site in a spectacular mountain setting, daily open-forum classes, demos and workshops, and unlimited use of symposium tools. Instructors are available throughout the workshop for one-on-one coaching, helping each participant tailor their own unique approach to stone carving.

Workshops cover a variety of topics. They are led by sculpting professionals–staff as well as guest instructors from around the world.

This year’s instructors include Madeline Wiener, Scott Owens, Petro Hul, Joshua Wiener and Kathleen Caricof.

Workshop topics range from how to select a stone, use of tools, to techical bits about carving such as relief work and lettering–and so much more.

The Redstone Gallery in nearby Redstone, Colorado hosts a Sculpture Show and Sale that features many of the staff members and artists from the Marble/marble event each year.  This year the show opens Saturday, July 16th and runs through Sept. 30th.

Madeline reminds us that deposits are due June 1–so, what are you waiting for?

Be sure to visit the Marble Institute website to get all the details on what the Marble/marble experience is, how to register, what to bring, etc.

Wikipedia offers more about Yule Marble

All photos courtesy of the Marble Institute

The Marble Institute of Colorado is a non-profit organization.