Salvaged Steel Transformed into Sculpture

You Won’t Believe What Sculptors Created from this Mess!

steel scrapyard

Whew! What a heap of junk, right?

Well, for most of us that would be all we see. But in Pruszków, Poland there is a museum that demonstrates what artists with imagination and determination can do with this pile of trash.

The Gallery of Steel Figures is filled with sculptures that have been created out of metal salvaged from that local scrapyard.

The salvaged steel sculpture collection includes pop culture figures such as the Transformers and Yogi Bear.

In addition to these steampunk figures are 4 life-sized automobiles. Not the work of a single artist, these cars were designed and built over the last 5 years by a team of 50 artists. The vehicles are to scale, they have interior designed from scrap metal, and even the doors work.

salavaged steel gull wing car sculpture

Be sure to check out the Gallery of Steel’s Facebook page to see more of their work.

salvaged steel car sculptures


Photos courtesy Leslaw Sagan / Auto Swiat