Science by Day, Art by Night

Skills Honed in Laboratories Yield Unusual Glass Art

Glass Art by Kiva Ford

Like many artists, Kiva Ford has a day job.

Rather than waiting tables, this glass artist does blow glass every day: for science labs!

Over the years he has gathered some skills at glassblowing. And perhaps his day job has influenced his artistic vision.

By night, he retires to his home art studio where he utilizes his vast skillset to create curious glass vessels, miniatures, goblets, and other unusual creations working entirely by hand. Ford says his artistic practice is heavily inspired by his interests in mythology, history, and science.

Clearly this is a glassblower who understands the natural world around us. Look at the color and the detail in his work. Even when the work doesn’t have much in the way of color, the detail is divine.

Glass art octopus by Kiva Ford

Part art, part science experiment, this glass artist has captured our attention!

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