Sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti Breaks the Mold

Figurative-based works by sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti Defy Bounds

sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti with "Torso"

I am a young artist from Michigan. During my final year at the University of Michigan Art School I was carving marble, coiling 2x lifesize ceramic torso, casting bronze, and suspending fragments of plaster figures from shock-wire.

sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti Falling Man view 3

I create both additive and subtractive sculpture and do not stay bound to one material or method for creation. I am constantly trying to be innovative and create challenges that stress my abilities, working quickly and intuitively. I use my background in figurative sculpture to create my own formal vocabulary, and often break down idealized anatomy to create an eroding metamorphosis of form. The final outcome is usually unknown till it stands before me.

Falling Man (The Consequentialist) 2017 from sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti on Vimeo.

Recently projects have focused on figurative fragmentation, suspension, and erosion. My suspension sculpture is kinetic and interactive. Through interaction I try to break this idea of a sculpture at its limit, elevated a pedestal, untouchable and ever lasting. I can send images this work as well.

‘Torso’ 2017 is about 2x lifesize made from coils. It stands about 5.5 ft high

sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti with "Torso"

‘Walking Down the Line’ Cast Bronze Sculpture, modeled in wax.

sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti Walking Down the Line

Fallling Man is a sculpture made of fragmented plaster parts suspended from Shock wire cords.

sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti Falling Man view 1


The above was submitted by sculptor Lorenzo Lorenzetti. All images are from the artist.

You can learn more about Lorenzetti on his website, or by visiting his Instagram page: lorenzofreddy

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