Sculpture Opportunities and Love in the Air

With these 8 calls for artists, there is a lot of sculpture love in the air!

There are still a few active Call for Artists in our last post. Click here to see those calls and scroll to the bottom (we do our best to put them in chronological order within each post–but double check as we don’t rearrange them if dates change after we post!)

ISC Sculpture Conference: Call for Artists/Panels

Detroit, MI

Summary: The International Sculpture Center (ISC), is seeking panel proposals for the 30th International Sculpture Conference in Detroit, MI this September 30-October 3, 2020. This conference will feature the annual ISC littleSCULPTURE show, ARTSlams and breakout sessions, engaging panel discussions, evening parties, hands-on workshops, a keynote address, open studios and gallery hops, optional art and culture trips, public art tours and visits to nearby sculpture sites, and more.

All panel proposals must be submitted electronically via the form on the ISC website. No faxed, mailed, or emailed abstracts will be accepted.

Budget: n/a

Deadline: February 12, 2020

How to apply:

Eligibility Requirements: no restrictions noted

Panel topics include:

·         Rooted in Quiet Corners / The Power of Invisibility

·         Science, Art, and the Environment

·         Art, Money, and Real Estate

·         Navigating and Claiming Space

·         Conversations on Equity, Access, and Inclusion

·         New Media and Technology

·         Art/Sculpture and Architecture

·         Technical Talks and Workshops

·         Wildcard

To submit a proposal and learn more information, please visit the conference website:

West Central Community Center Sculpture Commission

Little Rock, Arkansas

Summary: Sculpture at the River Market announces a public art commission. Artists interested are asked to propose a visually interesting, safe, three-dimensional public art piece as a newly designed or existing sculpture.  The sculpture can be anything that conveys a welcoming message. Abstract, contemporary or traditional sculptures can work equally well at this site.

Budget: $60,000

Deadline: 2/13/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all fine art sculptors who are residents of and/or working in the United States.

Special Notes: There is a $5 entry fee for this call

Click here to read more about this call for artists or to apply

RTD Station Art

Commerce City, Colorado

Summary: The City of Commerce City and the Commerce City Cultural Council seek to commission a site specific work (or works) of public art for the soon-to-be completed North Metro Rail Line Station at 72nd Avenue in Commerce City.

Commerce City has one station along the line, and it is the first station on the line after a long elevated portion of rail. As passengers ride this line, they will see the Flatirons and the Rockies to the west, downtown skyline to the south and pass a variety of industrial areas that are part of this north metro area.

Budget: RTD has provided $40,000 for each of the stations along the line and will work with each of the cities to select artwork appropriate for the site. 

Deadline: 2/14/20 11:59 p.m. MST

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: All applicants must be legal residents of the United States and reside full-time in Colorado.

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Branhilda Richardson-Knowles Memorial Park & Historic Cemetery Call for Artists

Deerfield Beach, FL

Summary: The City will commission 3 artists for the design/installation of 3 separate-3D sculptures/pieces to be located throughout the Branhilda Richardson-Knowles Memorial Park and Historic Cemetery

The park was originally a cemetery used by African Americans. Research states that the cemetery was in use from the late 1890’s to 1930’s. When the property was purchased to be developed, the City decided to purchase the property with the intention of using the site as a passive park for residents. The city’s vision was to create a sacred place of solice for the community to reflect on this historic legacy and Bahamian heritage of those buried on site. The park has three main gardens to commemorate those buried there, Branhilda Richardson Knowles (a local midwife), and veterans. The artist should focus on this history and the somber nature of this green space when creating the 3D piece.

Budget: $40,000 per piece

Deadline: 2/14/20

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: No restrictions noted

Special Notes: The price provided per piece shall included insurance, shipping, installation as well as any equipment the artist may need to complete the installation. 

All pieces must be complete and ready for installation by 6/1/2020.

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2020/2021 Artists’ Row Program

Salem, MA

Summary: The City of Salem is seeking an individual, or group of individuals, to fill the role of Public Artist in Residence on Artists’ Row. Two positions are currently available to be filled, PAiR 2020 and PAiR 2021.

Budget: $16,000–The City will offer an honorarium of $16,000 at $2,000 per month over the course of an 8-month agreement from April/May – November/December to the selected artist(s).

Deadline: 2/14/20 10:59 AM Central Time

How to apply: Mail or email, see link for more details

Eligibility Requirements: Emerging and Established Artists/Creatives working in all media and at all stages in their careers/creative endeavors are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be able to show that they have been working in their field for at least one year. Salem residency not required.

Special Notes: The PAiR will be licensed the use of Stall 5 on Artists’ Row, free of charge, to activate as their makers/community engagement studio space during their time on Artists’ Row. In exchange, the City asks that the space be active and open to public engagement a minimum of 20-25 hours a week, during times mutually agreed upon by the City and the PAiR that will be beneficial to the overall impact and success of Artists’ Row. The PAiR is not responsible for any utility or rental/space fees but is asked to pay a refundable security deposit and carry insurance.

Click here to read more about this call for artists and for information on how to apply

Integrated Artwork Ground Level Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh, PA

Summary: Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) is building a new terminal and multi-modal transportation complex at Pittsburgh International Airport. The result of the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) will be an improved passenger experience and better sense of the culture and amenities of the Pittsburgh region. The conceptual framework for the facilities’ design is Nature, Technology, and Community.

Budget: $400,000

Deadline: 11:59 PM EST on February 16, 2020.

How to apply: Submittable

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to professional visual artists based in the United States of America.

Special Notes: Do not submit a proposal for a concept with your application. Artists who submit proposals will be disqualified and their submission will not be reviewed.

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Vine & Lemay Intersection Improvements Project

Fort Collins, CO

Summary: The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Art in Public Places Program (APP) is seeking submissions to select an artist/artist team to work with the Vine & Lemay Intersection Improvements Project Team. The artists/teams will work with the project team to develop locations and concepts for site-specific art to be placed at this site.

Budget: The Phase I art project is estimated at $87,000.

Deadline: 2/17/20

How to apply: Hand delivery, mail, or email. See link for details

Eligibility Requirements: This project is open to all professional artists/artist teams, legally residing in and authorized to work within a 70-mile radius of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Special Notes: The artist will need to participate in community outreach/engagement for the art at this site. The department, design team, and APP Board will determine the extent of the artist’s involvement in the project.

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Alamosa ARTscape

Alamosa, CO

Summary: The City of Alamosa is accepting entries for the fourth annual “Alamosa ARTscape” Art on Loan Program. Judging will take place in March 2020 and 15 pieces will be selected based on their originality and suitability for outdoor display. Submissions must be more than two feet in height and valued at no more than $25,000.

Budget: The Artist will be paid a $750 honorarium upon on time delivery by the City of Alamosa, and two nights lodging in a local hotel on the night prior to installation and night of installation and reception.

Deadline: February 17, 2020

How to apply: CaFÉ

Eligibility Requirements: This public art program is open to all professional and amateur artists.

Special Notes: If the artwork is sold as a result of being on display, the City of Alamosa will process the sale and keep 20% of the sale price as a commission.

Throughout the display period, community members will be asked to vote for a “People’s Choice Award.” A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the Artist whose work is selected.

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