Sculptures Built on Shifting Sands

Sand Sculptures Around the World

When you hear the term “sand sculpture” if you think back to the sand castles you made at the beach as a kid, who could blame you?

Sand Sculpture image from VoyageVixens.comToday’s sand sculptors build far more than castles. And they are so much more intricate.

Recently the CBS Sunday Morning featured the Sand Museum in the Japanese town of Tottori. During the show, one of the American sculptors explained how the sand they use is not the same as beach sand. She describes beach sand like stacking marbles, because the ocean has tumbled the sand so all the edges have been worn away. Instead of beach sand, for these amazing sculptures they use sand from the nearby dunes.

Sand Sculpture image from the shape of the sand, gravity takes its toll on these fine works of art. The sculptors seem energized by the challenge in creating pieces that defy the Law and don’t even mind that ultimately they will lose the battle to time. Their works dissolving back to grains of sand ready for another talented artist.

Click here for tips on creating your own sand sculpture

Sand sculpting has gained in popularity with events and museums across the globe. Some are a strictly on the beach, including beach sand, activity. With these events there are often various levels of participants, from kids to adults to professionals.

Sand Sculpture image from DailyArchDesign.comWant to participate or merely watch some amazing sand sculpting in action? Be sure to check beaches in your area for local competitions. Or check out some of these museums and competitions when you are in their neck of the woods, or ocean as it were. (Some of the dates will be for past events, but check back for 2016 schedules.)

The Sand Museum, Tottori, Japan. First opened in 2006.

US Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Exposition, San Diego, California, US, next event Sept 4-7, 2015

Sanding Ovations Master Sand Sculpting Competition, Treasure Island, Florida, USA, next event: Nov 18-22, 2015

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum, Mysore, Karnataka, India

The International Sand Sculpture Exhibition in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Sand Sculpture Competition in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA

Blue Water SandFest in Port Huron, Michigan, USA, billed as Michigan’s First Master Sand Sculpting Competition

Sand in the City, at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia, Washington, USA
(NOTE: Sand in the City is a fund raising, team building, sand sculpture event with contests across the USA, near the beach or inland)

The Sand Sculpture Route in the Netherlands


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