Spring Puts Damper on Boys’ Snow Sculpture

Don’t Say They Like to Make Snowmen: These 3 Brothers are True Snow Sculptors

Watch this video of last year’s Sea Turtle that measures 12 feet across:

Maybe the Minnesota winters get to them…we’re noticing a nautical theme to some of the snow sculptures by the Bartz brothers: their works include Puffer fish, a shark and a Walrus. Not exactly critters one typically finds so far north! But their love of water is in part because of their love of fishing. But they are also raising money for clean drinking water in Haiti.

The results are pretty impressive for some kids who started snow sculpting together as a way to spend time together outside. Very impressive when you consider most kids their age would probably rather be inside where it is warm, playing video games!

As the boys say:

You don’t make life memories playing video games. You make life memories doing stuff like this.

You can read more about the boys and their campaign for clean water here.

This year the boys teamed up to create a spectacular octopus, which they named Octavius. We must say, their skill and attention to detail improves with each snow sculpture.

They were even on the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Octavius took more than 500 hours to complete. Be sure to check out the tentacle that hovers over the steps–all snow, no support structure inside.

Check out this video of Octavius, the octopus snow sculpture:

As all snow sculptors know, their works are transient. That doesn’t seem to bother the boys. They have even documented the demise of Octavius on their Facebook page Bartz Snow Sculptures (anyone else hear the Wicked Witch’s voice saying “I’m melting…”?)

Bartz brothers snow sculpture octopus melting

While these snow sculptures may be fleeting, it does seem that these boys have a future in the art world if they want one. We will enjoy watching what they create in the winters to come, and to see if any of them goes on to make a career out of sculpting–snow or otherwise!

Keep up the good work, Bartz brothers!