Steampunk Sculpture on a Major Scale

Scrap Metal Assemblage Results in Amazing Pegasus Sculpture

Steampunk Sculpture Pegasus by Hasan Novrozi

Previously when writing about Steampunk sculptures we focused on the small works of Sue Beatrice and the medium scale work of Igor Verniy. Lest one come to believe that Steampunk sculpture is restricted in scale, this article focuses on the monumental work of Hasan Novrozi.

Less whimsical in nature than some steampunk sculptures, Novrozi assembles metal tools, bits of scrap metal, and even old car parts to create his works. If you look closely you will see springs, gears, wheels and old bicycle chains.

Although these individual elements are clearly visible and understandable to the viewer, Novrozi’s animals are life-like and filled with energy and movement. When seen from a distance, the bits all merge together and simulate the ripples in the animals body, the skeleton below the skin, and the flowing mane and tail as the beasts parades across the surface of the earth.

Steampunk Sculpture in process of creation by Hasan Novrozi

We love the image of Novrozi astride one of his steeds, welding bits of chain to create a mane. Some how it is also reassuring that artists are converting society’s cast-offs into incredible Steampunk sculptures. Not only are they creating art, they are helping the environment by keeping things out of the landfill, or saving the energy that it would take to melt them down into metal that could be reused for other utilitarian items.

This talented sculptor who was trained in Iran also creates work that are more tradition in nature.

Working in clay and then casting the result in bronze, Novrozi gives us other magnificent animals, such as the goat pictured below. While there are similarities in style in that there are parts left to the imagination, you can see the distinctly different method of creating the sculpture.

Goat sculpture by Hasan Novrozi

Whether one prefers Novrozi’s Steampunk sculpture style or his more traditional cast bronze sculptures, it is clear that this artist has a good future ahead of him. This is true whether or not people keep discarding their old metal bits that no longer work for their intended purpose.

Thanks to Bored Panda and Earth Porn for their original articles.

All artwork by Hasan Novrozi.

Photographs by Aghil Hosseinian