Down to the Wire

With Sculptor Rosie Brown

wire sculpture of owl by RosemaryCraft

Sculptor Rosie Brown, AKA RosemaryCraft is inspired by the wildlife that is around her and her British studio.

And why not? Wildlife is always around us. It is a major part of our world.

Yet the truth is that most people don’t really see or appreciate the wildlife that is right in our backyard. We mostly catch glimpses of critters, but pretty much ignore them. We tend to think of humans as separate from the wildlife and go about our daily lives.

wire sculpture of robin by RosemaryCraft

Brown’s work doesn’t look like what one thinks of traditionally when hearing the words “wildlife sculpture.”

wire sculpture of hare by RosemaryCraft

Rosie’s wire sculptures are like line drawings, yet they interact with light and the surroundings to create shadows and movement.

Despite the initial appearance of simplicity, the process of twining and wrapping multiple wires to create the illusion of the owl soaring in for a meal or the rabbit in flight is painstaking. Check out the detail in this wire sculpture required to represent the robin’s feet clutching a branch.

detail of wire sculpture of robin by RosemaryCraft (feet)

The result is spectacular.

“Through my wire work I hope to bring out the beauty and wonder of movement and form of British wildlife by transforming them into works of art for people to view and appreciate in a hope that they will do the same for their real-life counterparts.”

wire sculpture of pike by RosemaryCraft

Rosie’s subjects include all sorts of animals we can readily see around our yards, as we walk to work or the store. Her wire sculptures help the viewer to see all the creatures, great and small, in a new light.

wire sculpture of insects by RosemaryCraft

Rosie was a winner of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre Young Makers Award

wire sculpture of squirrel by RosemaryCraft

All images are courtesy of RosemaryCraft/Rosie Brown.

Visit Rosemary and see more of her wire sculpture on her website, RosemaryCraft

She can also be found on Instagram– rosemarycraft

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