Wood Sculptures Inspired by Natural Forms

Digital Media Instructor by Day, Sculptor by Night

Read about the process and inspiration for these intricate wood sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel:
Joshua Abarbanel wooden sculpture Reef

Joshua Abarbanel teaches digital media in Los Angeles. So it should go without saying that he loves technology.

He also is fascinated by nature. These two, oft-interpreted as opposing, passions have given rise to his own unique still in sculpture.

Beginning with drawings generated by hand and on the computer, the images are then created out of wood by hand. It is the combining of elements, both man-made and natural that influence and guide his work and result in one of a kind wood sculptures.

While he is influenced by many natural forms, the work that in on display at the Porch Gallery in Ojai, California brings to mind images of coral reefs. Reefs are created by many different animals and bloom in front of a swimmer’s eyes. These pieces also are built of many smaller pieces that feature intricate patterns and flower-like shapes.

The works vary in scale and how they are displayed. Some are wall art, others hang from the ceiling or rest on the floor or tables. All of the works have intricate detail, with layer upon layer, that combine in ways that surprise and delight the viewer.

Joshua Abarbanel wooden sculpture Reef 5 detail

From the Porch Gallery website, where Abarbanel’s work is currently on display

Abarbanel…starts with precise machine-cut wood forms and hand assembles them with organic fluidity. His pieces, like “Reef 09”, mirror the wabi-sabi effect of exploding spores and the indiscriminate growth of nature. In Abarbanel’s hands, the passage of time is marked by a birth of randomness; what begins in a state-of-the-art machine, blooms, and ends in a form of fluid beauty.

The Ojai, California exhibition is set to continue through May 29. Check out their website or call (805-620-7589) for hours and directions.

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